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Daily Runner 02/23/13 (Read 13 times)


Go figure


    Runnrchic - 02/24 - New Orleans Marathon - Goal: break 4:34

    GregTR - 2/24 - Cowtown Marathon - Official 3:10 pacer



    Patti678 - 3/2- Albany Marathon, Albany GA

    CompetitiveChik - 3/2 - Woodlands Marathon

    JodisRunningForAutism - 3/3 - Seaside Half Marathon Destin, FL

    not too swift - 3/3 - Intown Ten (10K) Road Race

    PressingOn - 3/3 - Redmond Watershed Trail Run

    Docket_Rocket - 03/09 - 13.1 Miami Beach

    Julia1971 - 3/16 - Rock n Roll USA

    ImNotScott - 3/16 - Rock n Roll USA

    SIAR - 3/16 Hermes 5 miler

    jojo61397 - 3/17 - Publix Atlanta Marathon - Goal: Sub-4:00 hour

    Patti678 - 3/17 Publix Half Marathon, Atlanta GA

    Not too Swift - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    athensguy - 3/17- Georgia Marathon

    RVDowning - 3/17 - Shamrock Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 3/17 - LA Marathon

    Joe1775 - 3/23 - Haulin' in the Holler 50K

    Docket_Rocket - 3/23 - Palm 100 50K

    JenRosie - 3/24 Irish Run 8K

    onemile - 3/30 - Egg Shell Shuffle Half Marathon

    PressingOn - 3/30 - Cupcake Run Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 04/07 - Marathon Paris

    runnrchic- 04/07- Gulf Coast HM, Pensacola

    joe1775 - 4/13  - Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50

    Docket_Rocket - 04/14 - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

    So_Im_a_Runner - 4/14 Union Half Marathon (1:30 pacer)

    marco59 - 4/15 - Boston - goal: 3:05

    markrice - 4/15 Boston - goal sub 3:15

    GregTR - 4/15 - Boston

    JenRosie - 4/15 - Boston

    onemile - 04/20 - Carmel Marathon

    Xrayman: 4/21: Lansing Marathon

    GregTR - 4/21 - London Marathon

    SIAR - 4/28 - Glass City Marathon

    GoneFishing - 04/28 - Big Sur, CA



    hilltopper91 - 05/05 - Broad Street Run

    jackdyl11 - 5/5 - New Jersey Marathon

    Joe1775 - 5/5 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH

    Docket_Rocket - 05/07 - Puerto Rico Marathon

    Patti678 - 5/11 - Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City Beach, FL

    RVDowning - 5/11Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

    SprinklesRunner - 5/19-Run for the Red Marathon

    runmomto3boys - 05/20 - Green Bay Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 06/13/2012 - San Francisco Marathon



    Patti678- 7/4- Peachtree Road Race 10K: goal: PR



    Patti678- 8/23 & 24- Hood to Coast- 199 mile relay with 10 person team



    SprinklesRunner - Date TBD - Wineglass Marathon

    GregTR - 9/29 - Berlin Marathon



    runmomto3boys - 10/6 Lakefront Marathon

    GregTR - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    RVDowning - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    RVDowning - 10/26 - Silver Comet Marathon

    PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (40:26; '11) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:33; '13)


    Go figure

      Why is it that I wake up earlier on the weekend than I do during the week?  Something just doesn't seem right about that.  Off to go meet up with some of the faster group runners for some miles at 7am, then back to the store by 8am for some more miles at a slower pace....probably about 14 miles total.


      Swift...I'll have to check the video later.  I have to admit, I don't know the Harlem Shake.


      Julia...I'm impressed by your post-marathon prowess.  I've had two where "out" was not an option, and then two where I've been good to go.  Wearing the medal for drinks sounds smart...although I'm guessing my success with that approach would be slightly less than yours.  How's pizza in D.C.?  I sure miss Chicago pizza.


      Pressing...Boy, that sounds weird that you have another marathon already!  I guess they don't just give that Maniac status away Smile  Thanks for popping in.


      Marco...Congrats on the retroactive raise!  Hopefully the foot is nothing more than a bruise.


      Jodi...20 on the TM?  I don't think there's anything I can offer other than to say good luck!


      Hi to everybody else too!

      PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (40:26; '11) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:33; '13)

      Mostly Harmless

        Good morning!  DD's team came up short last night but somehow none of us are as depressed as we might have imagined. I think we are all looking forward to her moving on to the next level.


        I'm waiting for the sun to come up before heading out for 20. I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

         "Address the process rather than the outcome.
        Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp


          Good morning, good morning!


          I'm up.  Coffee's brewing and Nuun is fizzing.  I have a 22 miler on the schedule. The weatherman is saying it's drizzling out, but I'm not planning to head out for another hour or two still.


          I didn't get to work on finalizing the rest of my schedule during lunch yesterday so I'm going to try to do that this morning.  20 more days!


          SIAR, Most of the good pizza places here serve fancy brick oven pizza.  They're pretty good...  I've been pretty well/over-trained for all of my marathons, so I think that's why they haven't wiped me out too much.  For me, it's the DOMS over the next two days that usually does me in.


          Scott, Sorry DD and her team couldn't pull out a win.  Have fun with the 20.  Stay dry.

          Run the mile you are in.


          Go figure

            Ended up with a total of 15.08 miles, the first 5 being a little faster pace and the last 10 being fairly leisurely.


            Scott...Sorry about the daughter's game, but that's good that she still has something to look forward to athletically.  Hope the 20 treated you well.


            Julia...Those gourmet type pizzas are good, but sometimes I just want a good, greasy thin crust or an awesome Chicago deep dish...neither of which I can get around here.  I hope the 22 aren't too soggy.  I've probably run a little outside the pace I should given the training I've done for all my marathons, so that probably does play a role.  That won't be the case this time though!

            PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:25xx; '12) 10k (40:26; '11) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:33; '13)

            Mostly Harmless

              20 done. Did my first ever ice bath after I got home and I have to say I highly recommend them! It was painful at first but my legs feel great right now!


              Julia - I hope the 22 goes well.


              SIAR - Glad you had a nice 15.  DD had 10 points and 7 blocked shots last night, so at least her last game was good for her stat sheet. :-)

               "Address the process rather than the outcome.
              Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

              fake it till you make it

                Why is it that I wake up earlier on the weekend than I do during the week?  Something just doesn't seem right about that.  Off to go meet up with some of the faster group runners for some miles at 7am, then back to the store by 8am for some more miles at a slower pace....probably about 14 miles total.




                Are the slower miles because there is a certain someone you are hoping to run with again? Wink   Hope whomever the miles were with that it was a good run.


                Scott sorry to hear they didn't win, but glad she got to play.  We were talking about ice baths this morning on the run. I get how they might feel good, but I'm so freezing after an outdoor long winter run that instead I opt for the hot shower until the hot water runs out.


                Julia 20 more days!? That's exciting! I've never tried Nuun before.  Think I might try to find some this weekend and give it a whirl.



                18.5 done this morning.  Was supposed to include 10 at GMP but honestly I didn't really even try.  Partly due to slow/slop outside, partly due to never hitting that workout well in a long run, and partly because I run with a group on Saturdays and it is more fun for me to just run and talk with whoever I feel like and have fun instead of focusing on pace.  Still got quite a few miles in at faster pace/effort so I feel like it was a good workout.

                Finally PRed!!!

                  Hi everyone!


                  SIAR: Nice 15.


                  Julia: Hope your 22 went well! I had not seen any of the Harlem Shake videos, other than clips on TV, until I found out the night before that we had to make one the next morning. It did turn out to be pretty fun to do!


                  Scott: Nice 20 today.


                  JenRosie: Great job on your 18.5.


                  I ran 1 very slow mile on the way to meet my group, then a pretty hilly 22 with the group. Luckily, it pretty much stopped raining by early in the run, so while we had a lot of puddles on the route, not much in the way of falling rain. The route had a couple really big hills in it. It was a really good run, felt like I could have easily kept going, and picked up the pace to faster than MP the last mile or so. The weird thing during this run was I kept getting unusual songs coming into my head, like songs that I almost never hear, so no idea where they came from. Early in the run it was Kenny Rogers' "Coward of the County" then in the middle it was that "Son of a Preacher Man" song or whatever it's called, then toward the end I got "76 Trombones"?!? It was like I was picking up strange stations through my fillings or something!!


                  Looks like my short recovery run tomorrow will get me to a weekly mileage PR, so I'm pretty happy the legs are holding up so well and hitting pretty decent paces.


                  Happy Saturday, everyone!

                  PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:38:20


                    I waited as long as I thought I should to run my 22 miler.  Unfortunately, that meant the first hour or so was in the cold rain.  Eventually the rain stopped, though.  I really hammered out the miles since this was going to be my last really long run and I figured I still have plenty of time to recover from it.  It was great thinking at one point, "The next time I run this long (meaning time-wise), it'll be during the race".  I didn't look at the course very carefully before I headed out and I accidentally ran it a mile longer than I should have.  So, it ended up being 23 miles.  As soon as I was done, I made a bee-line to the grocery store for a pizza and some epsom salt.  I took a nice warm bath and am about to destroy that pizza.  Smile


                    SIAR, I kinda like the brick oven style.  I like the burnt crust parts...  Sounds like you had a good 15.  Yeah, you're training very well this cycle.


                    Scott, I went the opposite direction and had a hot bath.  I felt like I was chilled to the bone by the end of the run...  Does your taper start tomorrow?


                    JenRosie, 18 miles is nothing to sneeze at even w/o the GMP miles.  I hear you, though.  I haven't been able to hit that pace in my workouts, either...  Nuun is a flavored electrolyte drink.  I don't like drinking plain water so it a way for me to get some fluids in that aren't coffee or soda.


                    Swift, If it didn't feel too bad that's fantastic.  Rest up so you can get that mileage PR tomorrow.  Smile

                    Run the mile you are in.


                      No personals.  In NOLA for husband's marathon.  Took an URD, due to a hang over (was drunk from 8:30am-6:00pm).  Running 3-4 miles tomorrow before going to post-race festivities.




                      Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

                      Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


                      2013/2014 Goals:

                      Sub-4:00 hour Marathon

                      Sub- 125 pounds
                      Sub- 1:45 hour half.

                      Mostly Harmless

                        JenRosie - Good work with the 18.5. I don't blame you for wanting to stick with the group. It can be a great distraction on those longer runs.


                        NTS - Great job on the 23! I don't think having the odd songs is anything to worry about.  If you start hearing voices then that's a different story. :-)


                        Julia - No one told me that the long runs were supposed to be 23 miles today. I guess I missed out but somehow I'm OK with that.  Taper starts this week for me but I think I'm going to add miles to what is on the calendar.  That has me dropping from 52 miles this week all the way down to 40.  I'd like for it to be closer to 45 so I'll either run on my RD or add a few miles here and there.  My LR for next weekend is only 16 and I plan to keep it at that.


                        Jojo - Sounds like a great day for a URD.  I've never tried to run with a hangover, but I don't imagine it would be much fun.

                         "Address the process rather than the outcome.
                        Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

                        Finally PRed!!!

                          Julia: Great job with your 23! Pizza, yum!


                          I have run with a hangover, when I was younger. And one time, back in my 20s, I ran a 5K while still somewhat drunk and on no sleep. Ha, my time was pretty terrible!

                          PRs: 5K: 22:09, 10K:44:55, 15K: 1:10:35, HM: 1:42:49, M: 3:38:20


                            Scott, It sounds like we're going the same thing - maybe technically tapering but adding some miles.  At some point in my run, I also thought maybe I should have run long tomorrow instead but...  Very exciting to (finally) be cutting down the mileage.


                            JoJo, I'm guessing you're having a lot of fun!  Hope your hangover is better.

                            Run the mile you are in.


                              Hi all!  Started my day at a race.  Not for me.  Not running.  Ds had his derby car race.  He got 1st place in Show. He made it look like a whale. Good thing he won show because I think he was last place for speed.  He took it okay.  First post marathon run today.  5 miles at an easy pace which wound up being slightly faster than anticipated.  I felt fantastic so that was encouraging.  No idea what the rest of the week holds for me yet in training.  Coach hasn't given me the weeks workouts yet.  Tomorrow is a SRD but that's all I know for now.  Swim clinic last night was brutal!  Okay, for me, not everyone else.  It was side balance drills and I've never done those so I was coughing and sputtering up water and wound up with my own special beginners side drills to try. Blush  By the end I was getting the hang of it.


                              Marco - Hope the foot pain is nothing. Hurray for the bump in pay. You deserve it!


                              Jodi - In case you check and and still have to do 20 on the tm at some point, break the run up into hour long chunks. I watched Hulu to pass the time.  When is dh's race?  Was it today or is it tomorrow?


                              SIAR - Glad the run was good today. Yeah, what's wrong with you waking up earlier on the weekend? If that happens to me I refuse to get up. I will stay in bed and simply enjoy that I don't have to rush out of bed.  Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll fall back asleep.


                              Scott - Slacker!  You were 3 miles short today.  Disapprove  Kidding, of course. Good job on the 20!  Yeah, the ice baths aren't bad. I find I look forward to them the last few miles of a lr. Sorry about DD's game but glad you all have a good attitude about it.


                              Julia - You accidentally ran an extra mile while doing a 22 miler? I don't think I would ever accidentally run an extra mile on a 22 miler. I'm very careful about not going a step over what I have to on that mileage. Good job!


                              Nuun ... I buy a couple tubes at the Seattle Marathon Expo so I can get the free sports bottle they give away with a purchase.  I like Nuun for the same reasons Julia stated.

                              Mostly Harmless

                                Scott, It sounds like we're going the same thing - maybe technically tapering but adding some miles.  At some point in my run, I also thought maybe I should have run long tomorrow instead but...  Very exciting to (finally) be cutting down the mileage.



                                I should have been miserable. It was misty and cold with not even a hint of the sun making an appearance. Instead, I was very happy today.  I think that was partly because I decided against running any MP miles.  I also chose to ignore my Garmin entirely regarding pace. I just kept track of the miles and ran comfortably slow. Every time I started to have thoughts about speeding up I would tell myself, "that isn't what this run is for".


                                The other thing that made it a nice run was keeping in mind that this was the last long one for this cycle.  I am REALLY happy with my progress right now. I think I'm improving as a runner and if everything goes right I will crush my time from last year.  At the same time though I'm also getting a little burned out. I'm ready to cut back on the miles and start obsessing over pace and weather.

                                 "Address the process rather than the outcome.
                                Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp