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    So the weather is acting all wonky. First it was highs in the 70's, lows in the upper 50's. then it was low 54, high 58. Now its low 58 (in the morning) and high 49 (during the day). Go figure. 70% chance of rain (and that keeps goin up, everyday). Winds are gonna be brutal, 15-25mph. This is gonna be fun. Don't think it's ideal pr weather but I have a friend who will be waitin for me at mile 5 to give me my gel, mile 16 for gel and to run with me till mile 21 and at mile 21 my shop will be there manning the water station with another friend with more of my gel. I'll be wearin 2 runnin tanks (to keep my core warm) with one of those my runnin jersey, arm warmers and my runnin skirt. I'm pretty excited and do have a goal time in mind BUT I really just want to have fun, especially with the weather we're suppose to have.

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    Go figure

      It's the wind that'll get ya.  Those temps aren't so bad, and the rain really can be decent to keep you cool....but the wind, grrh.  Just find a fast, big person to get behind!  That's nice that you have people along the way to keep you moving and motivated though.  Have you tried the 2 tank technique before?  I would worry about that a little, but if you've tried it then no big deal.

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        I think that clothing sounds good.  Arm warmers are perfect for those conditionss.  And, if there's not a pair you care about, you can ditch them during the race...  Wind might make a PR difficult.  You might want to consider finding a pack to run with and sharing the load, so to speak.

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