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Daily Runner 12/23/12 (Read 157 times)


    Mark, Wow, 1 or 9.  I'm 1 of 6 so it's rare that I meet someone with more siblings than me...  Nice job on the MP run on a hilly course.  Rest up and enjoy the family.

    “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

    Just B.S.

      Hi everyone!! Just a quick pop in! Had soooo much to do yesterday, then found out we have

      4 more coming for dinner on Tuesday. We are now up to 15, it will be fun and I'm trying not

      to stress!!


      Had zero time to run yesterday so hubby and I got up early and got in 9 miles in the cold, on icy

      roads but it got done.  I've been running super easy "feels like" paces since my last half 2 months

      ago to give my body a rest from 6 months of racing. I had a PR marathon, half marathon and 5k all

      within 4 weeks from Sept 30th to Oct 27th and after 9 other races in the prior months, most of

      them some type of PR or course PB and I thought it would be a good idea to give the old legs a

      real rest.  I am unofficially in marathon training this week but don't really care about how many miles

      I get in over Christmas and will start tracking next week.


      Today's run felt super easy effort wise, had a 700 foot elevation gain and still came in with an average pace

      of 10:15. Gives me hope that when I start picking up my paces again my body will not have forgotten

      how to run faster.


      SIAR, I had no idea the darn Doodlepops originated in Canada!LOL However the genius that is Rick Mercer

      more than makes up for that travesty.


      CC, hope your race went well today.


      Hi Mark, D, Marco, Hill, Julia, Patti, Scott and everyone else!