Marathoner Dailies


Daily Runner - 3/24/13 (Read 15 times)



    Joe1775 - 3/23 - Haulin' in the Holler 50K

    Docket_Rocket - 3/23 - Palm 100 50K

    CompetitiveChik - 3/23-24 - Texas Independence Day Relay

    JenRosie - 3/24 Irish Run 8K

    onemile - 3/30 - Egg Shell Shuffle Half Marathon

    PressingOn - 3/30 - Cupcake Run 5K



    runnrchic- 04/07- Gulf Coast HM, Pensacola

    Julia1971 - 4/7 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

    Jackdyl11 - 4/7 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

    joe1775 - 4/13  - Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra 50

    Docket_Rocket - 04/14 - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

    So_Im_a_Runner - 4/14 Union Half Marathon (1:30 pacer)

    marco59 - 4/15 - Boston - goal: 3:05

    markrice - 4/15 Boston - goal sub 3:15

    GregTR - 4/15 - Boston

    JenRosie - 4/15 - Boston

    onemile - 04/20 - Carmel Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 4/20 - DTF Endurance Race 50K

    Xrayman: 4/21: Lansing Marathon

    GregTR - 4/21 - London Marathon

    SIAR - 4/28 - Glass City Marathon

    GoneFishing - 04/28 - Big Sur, CA

    Julia1971 - 4/28 - Nike Women's Half Marathon



    hilltopper91 - 05/05 - Broad Street Run

    jackdyl11 - 5/5 - New Jersey Marathon

    Joe1775 - 5/5 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH

    PressingOn - 5/5 - Tacoma City Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 05/07 - Puerto Rico Marathon

    Patti678 - 5/11 - Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City Beach, FL

    RVDowning - 5/11Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

    SprinklesRunner - 5/19-Run for the Red Marathon

    runmomto3boys - 05/20 - Green Bay Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 06/16/2012 - San Francisco Marathon



    Patti678- 7/4- Peachtree Road Race 10K: goal: PR

    Not too Swift - 7/4 - Peachtree Road Race 10K



    Patti678- 8/23 & 24- Hood to Coast- 199 mile relay with 10 person team



    SprinklesRunner - Date TBD - Wineglass Marathon

    GregTR - 9/29 - Berlin Marathon



    runmomto3boys - 10/6 Lakefront Marathon

    GregTR - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    RVDowning - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    RVDowning - 10/26 - Silver Comet Marathon

    not too swift - 10/27- Atlanta Marathon

    Endurance is patience concentrated. – Thomas Carlyle


    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


      Where am I?  What day is it?  Sleepy


      I had a pretty full day yesterday.  I did end up going up to my brother's house after running some errands.  As a result, I didn't get home until after 11pm last night.  It was a nice visit...  The highlight being my niece planning the wedding between me and her art teacher.  LOL!  She asked me where I wanted to get married and I said The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She didn't like that and suggested Niagara Falls.  I said, Yeah, it would be cool if we got married and then went over the falls in a barrel!  I told her if her art teacher agreed to either of those scenarios, then I'd marry him.  Smile  She's going to get back to me...  Her poor art teacher is going to be so confused.  LOL!  (Edited to add: I'm just realizing an art teacher may not object to getting married at the Hermitage.  I might be the one in trouble...)


      I'm heading out to run with the club today.  I'm hoping to do 10 miles.  Normally, I do recovery runs with them but going forward, I'll probably try to do my long runs with them, which will probably mean running with new people or running alone some times.  I might start going out with the super fast group.  There are 2 or 3 women in it that are just a little bit faster than me.  I might be able to keep up with them for a little while.


      Good luck today, JenRosie!

      Endurance is patience concentrated. – Thomas Carlyle


      My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


        Gorgeous day today.  Going to play hooky.  We are doing yard work, spring cleaning.


        BTW-- I'm back on Facebook, though not posting yet.




        Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

        Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


        2013/2014 Goals:

        Sub-4:00 hour Marathon

        Sub- 125 pounds
        Sub- 1:45 hour half.

        Bad Ass

          Morning.  Trixie appears to be fine at the hospital, but I'll get to see her again today and to bring her food.  I did 6.50 miles last night but I might take today off just to finish this cough up.


          Good luck to those racing today!

          Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."


            I did 10 miles with the running group.  Another fast-ish run but...  Planning to take a day off either tomorrow or Tuesday in my effort to both recover and stay sharp for the CB10M in two weeks.


            D_R, Hope you have a nice visit.  I'm sure it'll be reassuring to see her.

            Endurance is patience concentrated. – Thomas Carlyle


            My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

            mostly harmless

              Hey folks! Busy weekend here so no time for personals. I haven't run yet today and it doesn't look like I'll fit one in.  I'm feeling rested and eager to get back at it though.  Best of luck Jen!

               "Address the process rather than the outcome.
              Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp


              Go figure

                Hey...slow in here!  I'm back from my 22 miler in 2:47 (7:36 avg).  That's the closest thing to marathon fatigue I've ever felt in a run, which was the goal.  The last 11 were the fastest, although only 6 of them hit MP.  A few of them were up hill and into the wind, so I just really backed off those.  I'm beat now.


                I set a new weekly mileage record for myself with 109.2.


                Off to watch the Buckeyes which I taped.


                Hope the race went well Jen.

                PRs:  Marathon (2:49xx; '13)  Half (1:24:13; '15) 10k (37:25; '14) 5mi (29:23; '13) 5k (17:27; '14)

                thinkin about glory days

                  Just got back from a 5 mile run.  That's Day 6 of the little streak I have going.  I'm starting to feel the fitness come back and am feeling like I'm getting back into the groove again.  Tomorrow will be a real test of discipline as the forecast calls for snow.


                  Have a great day, everyone!


                  5k:  21:36

                  HM: 1:39:59

                  FM: 3:38:29

                    sorry but i am using DW's hand me down notebook and the internet connection at the hotel is slow.  It took me 20 mins just to get here.  9.7 done early this morning before we hit the road.  Hopefully, it will be the last time I run on ice and through snow this season.  Hope your weekend is going well!

                    Bad Ass

                      SRD for me.  Just got home.  Trixie looked fine but results will be in tomorrow so wish us luck.

                      Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."