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Daily Runner - 4/18/13 (Read 16 times)

thinkin about glory days


    onemile - 04/20 - Carmel Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 4/20 - DTF Endurance Race 50K

    Xrayman: 4/21 - Lansing Marathon

    GregTR - 4/21 - London Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 04/27 - Key Biscayne Half Marathon

    CompetitiveChik - 4/27 - Green 6.2 - goal ?

    SIAR - 4/28 - Glass City Marathon

    GoneFishing - 04/28 - Big Sur, CA

    Julia1971 - 4/28 - Nike Women's Half Marathon



    ImNotScott- 5/3 - White Oak Classic 5K.

    ImNotScott- 5/5 - Frederick Running Festival HM

    jackdyl11 - 5/5 - New Jersey Marathon

    Joe1775 - 5/5 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH

    PressingOn - 5/5 - Tacoma City Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 05/07 - Puerto Rico Marathon

    Patti678 - 5/11 - Gulf Coast Half Ironman, Panama City Beach, FL

    RVDowning - 5/11 - Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

    AthenaofAmerica - 5/11 - Mermaid Run East Bay Sirena18 (18 miles)

    Marco59 - 5/12 - Fredericton Marathon

    SprinklesRunner - 5/19 - Run for the Red Marathon

    Runmomto3boys - 05/20 - Green Bay Marathon



    Docket_Rocket - 6/16 - San Francisco Marathon

    AthenaofAmerica - 6/16 - San Francisco Marathon

    hilltopper91 - 6/21 - Media 5 Mile Race



    Patti678- 7/4 - Peachtree Road Race 10K: goal: PR

    Not too Swift - 7/4 - Peachtree Road Race 10K

    AthenaofAmerica - 7/6 Dirty Half Dozen 6-Hour Endurance Run



    Patti678 - 8/23 & 24- Hood to Coast- 199 mile relay with 10 person team



    SprinklesRunner - Date TBD - Wineglass Marathon

    GregTR - 9/29 - Berlin Marathon



    Runmomto3boys - 10/6 Lakefront Marathon

    GregTR - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    RVDowning - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 10/13 - Chicago Marathon

    AthenaofAmerica - 10/19 - Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon

    RVDowning - 10/26 - Silver Comet Marathon

    not too swift - 10/27- Atlanta Marathon

    ImNotScott - 10/27 - Marine Corps Marathon

    JackDyl11 - 10/27 - Marine Corps Marathon

    Docket_Rocket - 10/27 - Marine Corps Marathon



    Julia1971 - 11/3 - New York City Marathon


    5k:  21:36

    HM: 1:39:59

    FM: 3:38:29

    thinkin about glory days

      Good Morning,


      I'm procrastinating...only have 5 recovery miles this morning but I am so, so tired....


      CC, sorry to hear about the friction between your husband and daughter.  It's no fun being in the middle.   How old is your daughter (I should know this because you often talk about running with her)?  Do you think your husband will change his mind if your daughter realizes how good she had it?


      PO, good luck on the 22 miler.  It sounds like you've been putting in some good mileage so it's no surprise that you're feeling worn out.  Now it's time for the taper to do its magic.


      5k:  21:36

      HM: 1:39:59

      FM: 3:38:29




        Crossfit plus 2-3 miles.




        Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

        Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


        2013/2014 Goals:

        Sub-4:00 hour Marathon

        Sub- 125 pounds
        Sub- 1:45 hour half.


          Good morning.  Overslept again.  I can't figure it out.  Maybe I'm just really tired.  Anyway, I'll try to get in 4 at lunch or after work.  And, I have a 5K tomorrow.  It should be interesting to see if security is more intense this week vs. last.

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          My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


            I slept in so I'll have to do a workout tonight instead.  I had a good 12 last night though.  I was wearing my Boston 2010 shirt.  I think I'm going through the stages pretty slowly.  I can't wait to do Boston next year though.


            Hill - Have you gotten in your miles yet?  I'm tired too even after sleeping in!

            Jodi - Have fun with your workouts.

            Julia - Do you think there will be?  My wife was talking about all the extra security, even out here in the suburbs, but I haven't seen it.  I don't doubt it is there though. I'm stuck in my hole at work all day and I miss a lot of stuff.


              Changed my mind--


              I'm going to do 6 miles today, no cross fit.  I'm going to try to get cross fit on Friday for the workout.




              Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

              Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


              2013/2014 Goals:

              Sub-4:00 hour Marathon

              Sub- 125 pounds
              Sub- 1:45 hour half.

                Did an easy 8 after work yesterday and got up at 0315 to get to the track at 0430 this morning to do 2wu+6(1m@1/2MPw400r)+2cd = 11.5 miles.  Hit my paces and am happy about that.  I'd really struggled with my paces the last couple of times, but I think I've come to the conclusion it was the temperature.  This morning it was only 62F in the dark whereas it was 81F in bright sun when I was having trouble.  Now to try to figure out how to fit in tomorrow's easy 8 with rain moving in.  Might have to be the treadmill.  Sad

                Bad Ass

                  Morning.  Since I am working from home today, I ran 7.15 recovery miles this morning.  Weights and an annual vet visit for Hershey and Trixie this evening.


                  Freaking out about my race....


                  hilltopper, stop procrastinating and run!


                  Jodi, enjoy your run.


                  Julia, it might be just that you're tired.  Don't push it.


                  jackdyl, enjoy your workout tonight.


                  RVD, ALWAYS adjust for weather.  ALWAYS!  11:30 is the same as 11mm in 80F.  Hello?  Do you want me to pull out the whips? Joking

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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  mostly harmless

                    Good morning folks.  I ended up not running at all yesterday Sad.  I worked on a video for DD's basketball banquet all day only to have a bunch of technical issues and having to turn the thing off halfway through.  Quite frustrating to say the least.


                    I'll get in 5 at lunch today.


                    After a lot of thought I have decided to change my goal for the Frederick HM in a couple weeks.  I've been reluctant to mention it here, but I'm a little banged up and I don't think trying for a PR is in my best interest.  That combined with what happened in Boston makes me want to just run the race for fun and enjoy myself.  Maybe I'll change my mind on race day and that's OK too, but for now my goal is just to enjoy the moment.

                     "Address the process rather than the outcome.
                    Then, the outcome becomes more likely." - Robert Fripp

                      first day at work....400 emails in my inbox....want to share some thoughts but it will have to wait.....7.5 miles today...considering how crappy I felt after the race, I feel pretty good.

                        RVD, ALWAYS adjust for weather.  ALWAYS!  11:30 is the same as 11mm in 80F.  Hello?  Do you want me to pull out the whips? Joking


                        Promises, promises....  Joking

                        Just B.S.

                          HI all. I am thrilled  to report that I officially have a life again!!I have no hope of catching up on everything

                          that you folks have been up to but hope to be a more regular poster again.


                          Spent all day Monday thru Wednesday doing all the prep work and moving of furniture belongings etc and

                          as of yesterday at noon my Aunt is in a care facility which is where she needs to be and I am no longer a

                          24/7 caregiver/admin assistant/companion/driver/cook etc etc etc.


                          Of course I received 3 phone calls between 3 and 6 pm but at least  my husband (who is even closer to a

                          Saint in my eyes than he even was before, the man has endless patience) and I have our home, privacy and

                          our normalcy back again. There is still lots of work for me to do. Get our home back to normal, we had to empty

                          her apartment and bring all of her belongings here and dismantle two bedrooms in order to fit it all

                          in. I need to sell her car and sell/give away the stuff that didn't fit in her room at the home, etc etc etc


                          It's not a moment too soon as the last week I have found myself near complete exhaustion. I slept 2.5 hours on

                          each of Fri/Sat/Sunday nights. Even after running 20 miles on Sunday I could not sleep Sunday night. Between

                          stress/exhaustion and listening to my Aunt getting up 4-5 times each night  to use the washroom and hoping that

                          she doesn't fall, it has been a long 6 weeks.


                          Besides her age related mobility issues (84 yrs old) she suffers from severe anxiety which I had to deal with on

                          an almost hourly basis in the form of questions/same questions/fears/tears etc etc.


                          In the last 5 weeks I have attended with her or on her behalf almost 20 appointments and Dr or hospital visits,

                          filled out endless amounts of paper work and made/received almost 200 phone calls on her behalf from friends/

                          family/service providers/government etc


                          The fact that my former job was as an administrator in the same government department that handles these types

                          of placements and know the process/players well  is the only thing that made this process move along so quickly.

                          Otherwise it could have taken  at least several more months.  Although I always had much sympathy for the care

                          givers I dealt with I now know the true extent of the stressors they experience.


                          Although I am happy that we were able to assist her in this transition my advice to everyone is to please have

                          a plan for yourself when you get old. Especially if you don' t have children to do this for you, as is the case with

                          my Aunt. Calling a family member and saying "I haven't eaten in 3 days and if I can't come live with you I don't

                          want to live anymore" and then entirely handing your life over to them to take care of is not the way to go.


                          So now my hope is that with 3.5 weeks to go before my next marathon that my body can recover enough to

                          perform well. I have been managing to get in my miles with only a few exceptions by running at crazy times of

                          day and planning my runs around my Aunt's needs.


                          My husband, whom I have always loved tremendously, has supported me and my Aunt totally thru this time. Every

                          time we go through a difficult experience (and there have been many over the years)  I am reminded yet again what

                          a wonderful amazing man I married almost 29 years ago and how incredibly lucky I have to have him.


                          Today I get to run 10 miles without worrying the entire time that I will come home to find that my Aunt has fallen

                          or is upset about something.


                          You literally cannot imagine what a weight I feel lifted off my shoulders today.Smile

                          thinkin about glory days

                            I figured, if I told all of you that I was running 5 miles, then I would have to do it.  And it worked!  It was a little too fast for a recovery run, but it felt really easy, so that's a good sign.


                            Jodi, have a nice 6 miles.


                            Julia, it sounds like you could use the rest.  Good luck in your 5k tomorrow.  Are you looking for a 2013 PR?


                            Jack, enjoy your workout tonight - what's on tap?


                            RVD, wow, that's early.  Glad to hear that your intervals went well.


                            Docket, your recovery runs are about as long as my long runs.  Then again, I'm not an ultramarathoner like you are!


                            Scott, I think you're doing the right thing re: your upcoming half.  The last thing you want to do is end up frustrated that you didn't meet a goal that you had set weeks ago.  If you have fun, you'll be extra motivated to train for your next race.


                            Marco, don't get me started.  Email is the worst invention in the history of human-kind.  There was a time when solving a small problem on one's own or taking the initiative to find the answer to a simple question was easier - and cheaper - than typing a letter, signing it, stuffing it in an envelope, putting a stamp on it, and putting it in a mailbox.  That's not the case anymore with email.  Sorry...I didn't mean to go on such a rant.  I hope at least half of those are from concerned family and friends who are happy that you and your wife are OK.


                            5k:  21:36

                            HM: 1:39:59

                            FM: 3:38:29


                              Change of plans again.  I really am not feeling very well today, and I have a minor sore spot on the bottom of my foot, plus I'm just getting really stressed out, we are having issues with my MIL.






                              Half: 1:48 (March 3rd, 2013)

                              Full: 4:05:40 (March 17th, 2013)


                              2013/2014 Goals:

                              Sub-4:00 hour Marathon

                              Sub- 125 pounds
                              Sub- 1:45 hour half.


                                Hey all!  Heading out for my 22 miler in about 30 minutes.  Just giving my bfast a little more time to digest.  I had a dream last night that I woke up to snow this morning and realized I'd have to run on the TM.  I'm glad it was just a dream.  There is, however, rain today.


                                Hill - Go run your 5! Stop procrastinating. Ha, I'm procrastinating too. Smile Yes, I know I'm tired because of the high mileage week. I'm so ready for taper!    Glad you had a good 5 miler!  Good job getting out there.  I am still procrastinating but I too will run despite my tired legs.


                                Jodi - Have fun at Crossfit! Have fun on your run!   Hope your rest today is just what you need.


                                See what happens when I post on the West Coast?  I take notes and then you all change things on me before I get a chance to post and I have to cross stuff out.  It's still morning here!  Lol!


                                Julia - Your marathon wasn't too long ago and you had the other race before, you could very well be needing the extra sleep. I bet you are still recovering somewhat. Good luck on the 5K tomorrow!


                                Jackdyll - Glad your 12 was good.


                                RVD - Hurray for hitting your paces yesterday. Temps can really do a number on us. Hope you can avoid the tm.


                                Damaris - Good luck at the vet to your kitties! Good job on your recovery run.


                                Scott - I think it sounds perfectly reasonable to run the race for fun and enjoy it.


                                Marco - Emails people checking up on you after Boston? Good luck wading through them all.


                                Beth - Sounds like the care facility is the best option for everyone involved. You were a super niece and she is very blessed to have you in her life. May you enjoy your weightless freedom today (and a little sleep tonight).


                                Okay, gathering my fuel belt and will be heading out the door.