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    Dallas Marathon RR - 4:22:38
    I decided ahead of time to follow the 3:45 pacer but if I couldn't keep up then it wouldn't be a big deal. so the pacer tried to tell us how he was gonna run but I couldn't hear him. oh well, I just figured I would see what happened. Gun went off and it took me about 5 min to make it to the start line. the first couple of miles were really congested. I tried my best to weave through the crowds to not loose the pacer but it just wasn't happening. He was too far ahead. So I figured I would just run and not worry about finding him. It was hot and humid but cloudy. the sun only peaked through a few times. I was soaked by mile 2 with sweat. (I don't know what mile it was but we crossed this bridge that had some awesome architecture.) About mile 10 a man was down and being loaded into an ambulance. I saw his eyes were open but I don't know how coherent he was. It was around then that I noticed cramps were startin in my calves. I wrestled with myself for a bit about my goals and wanting a pr. Just before the turn around for the half I remember thinking "if I could turn around and not be disqualified, I would". It was at mile 13 that I finally came to the realization that any kind of pr/goal just wasn't gonna happen. It was also at mile 13 that my cramps were full blown. fortunately they weren't severe enough to put me out. so I stopped and stretched quite frequently to help keep them at bay. When we got to the White Rock Lake there was a very nice breeze blowin. I looked at the water wanting very much to jump in and cool off. At one point (after the lake) there was a lady handing out ice cold grapes. They were the most delicious thing I ever had. I walked and ate those for a while. Around mile 20.5 I saw a man go down in front of me. I ran to him to find that he was suffering from severe cramping. Myself and another runner stopped, stretched his calves, gave him our electrolyte caplets and helped him up. The other runner took off after that and I walked with the guy for a bit. He kept tellin me to go that he already ruined my time. I kept reassuring him "my time was blown back at mile 10." after a few min of us walking I took off. I continued on my walk/run/stretch routine till the finish line. As I came to the end I looked up and saw that I could still come in sub 4:25 (as the counter was counting 4:24:30). I crossed just as the time hit 4:25. of course I forgot about the chip time, so I was pretty excited to see my time was 4:22. As I stopped to walk cramps really started to set in, so I went to the med tent to get them to stretch my calves. I sat there for about 10min. None of the staff asked if they could help me but went to the others sittin there. So I decided to leave. Not a big deal since my calves were better. I found my cousin and her daughter. I made my way to get my finisher things and then met them at the family reunion area.

    While running Dallas I reflected alot on running:
    Running should be for fun, especially if a pr/goal are not gonna happen. If you're not gonna have fun then why do it?
    Runners should ALWAYS help other runners. When the guy at mile 20 went down only 2 ppl stopped to help him. No pr/bq should be worth another runner possibly loosing his/her life. (consider that at the time the guy went down we don't know what was goin on. he could have been havin a heart attack or suffering from heat stroke)
    This run really helped me to put things into perspective. I'm okay if I don't pr/bq this season. I really want to have fun. I love running and don't want to loose it. It doesn't mean that I don't want to pr/bq, it just means that I want to regain my love for it again.

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      I've commented everywhere you've posted it, LOL.


      Good RR. You always need to remember that the marathon is long enough to have anything happen. When it's not your day, it's not your day, and a good perspective helps. Great job!


      I think you should be very proud of this race.  When it's tough, some quit and some regroup.  You're the latter.

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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Go figure

        Im really sorry about the cramps. I hope that today's trial and error was the start of fixing that. Cold grapes sound awesome for during a race. Your perspective on running seems especially appropriate given today's sad events. You'll get a race where your fitness and training will have a chance to shine and you'll get that PR/BQ.

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          I really liked your reflections.  That's the great thing about running.  It really does help (many of us) put a lot of things into perspective.  Great race report and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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            With all that you went through, 4:22 is a great time.  Thanks for the report.  I wish I could do The Woodlands in March, but it's time my kids and grandkids come to see me....or at least meet me halfway.


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              Nice race, and great adjustment for the conditions. Those cramps can be so debilitating, and if you keep running, they can be dangerous because you can fall at speed. Great job taking care of them and leaving the PR for a more sensible context. 


              Too bad no one was helping you at the med tent. Great job helping the downed guy. You sometimes help unexpected people too... for example, you might have even helped runners who WOULD have stopped And blown their time in order to help... but upon seeing you, they might have gone on to get their time goal, and have no way to thank you. This has happened to me a few times, once, on a PR run... and I was thankful to the person who was helping the possibly injured runner.


              Runner Traffic is one thing that is a problem at many medium sized races (can be at large too) because they don't enforce speed based corral line-up. Boston gets it right (usually). Nashville SO did not... the corrals were supposed to be speed based, but no one checked and I had tons of walkers in front of me even when I was in in a low corral number (can't recall the number).


              Always nice to have a chip time surprise! :-)


              Found a picture of what is likely that bridge... cool bridge!  Thanks for the report.

              Anyone could see races, etc. on

              I believe in HR training:


                thanks guys.



                yes thats the bridge. it was beautiful. and I really enjoyed lookin at the architecture as I crossed it. I've been to dallas many times and never knew it was there

                Dec 23 - Apocalypse Survivors Half Marathon

                Jan 13 - Houston Chevron Marathon

                Feb 17 - Austin Half Marathon

                March 2 - Woodlands Marathon