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    I've taken the last couple of days to really think about what I wanna do next, after saturdays disappointment. I've realized that since I started runnin over 5yrs ago I've never really taken any time off. Sure, I've taken a few days off from runnin (after my races) but never really decompressed, allowing myself to really rest. I know for some of you it seems weird, you've been runnin longer than me. I'm extremely competitive and take my failures hard. Growing up failure was not an option. Each runnin season has brought me great improvements from endurance to speed, with the exception of this season. I really love running and want very much to keep that feeling.


    So I've decided to take the month off (other than the Texas Independence Relay). I'll still cycle and cross train to keep myself in shape. Once I made this decision I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders so I know this is the right decision. My hope is to come back at the beginning of April focused and ready to tackle what this next season has for me. I've spoken with my coach about this and she agrees and supports my decision.


    You guys are the best and I know you'll understand. Thank you for your support in this.

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      Enjoy your break and the x-t, and I'm sure it will give you some time to regroup and refocus! Plus with all the cycling and x-t you'll maintain a lot of fitness. Sometimes a break like that is just what's needed.

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        Enjoy your break and the x-t, and I'm sure it will give you some time to regroup and refocus! Plus with all the cycling and x-t you'll maintain a lot of fitness. Sometimes a break like that is just what's needed.


        +1. Enjoy the time away from race training and I look forward to reading about your next race, whenever that may be.  Don't be a stranger!

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          CC, I think this is a great decision and will bring you great mental and physical benefits. Sometimes it takes

          time and "distance" from the event to get a better perspective.


          I have been running distance for 13 years. First half marathon in August 2003.  The last 4-5 years we have

          been doing 10+ and up to 17  races each season.


          However, I have ALWAYS  taken November and December as "run when I want, how far I want and how often

          I want", with no schedule and no agenda. If I don't feel like running, then I don't, I do something else.


          Usually during those months I only run 3 times/week, sometimes less. I only run when I feel like it with no

          speed or distance on the agenda.


          It always leaves me feeling more rested, mentally and physically and more eager to run than ever when I get

          back to it in January.


          It's not something most runners seem to do but our local marathon/tri coach highly recommends it and I truly

          believe it's the reason I have been able to do everything I have done all through my 40's and now into my 50's.


          I am 100% confident this is just what you need and you will come back stronger than ever.


            Feeling relief after a decision is one of the best ways to know that you're made a good one. Smile. Enjoy the break away from running.


            On the topic of failure, though, I know where you're coming from and I'm the last person to lecture about putting pressure on oneself but... It is so liberating when you accept failure as success for trying in the first place. You didn't fail, in my eyes anyway. You just didn't hit a time goal. But you set one for yourself which, in my eyes anyway, is succeeding. Smile

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              I commented in FB, but just want to give you hugs.  We all need a rbeak from time to time.  Enjoy it.

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                I wanted to echo what other peopla have said, that if you feel relieved then you probably made the right decision.  I'm sure you'll come back mentally and physically refreshed and ready to train hard again, and you probably won't lose much fitness in the process given the cross training.  There are lots of stories of elite runners taking a few weeks off every year to recharge and recover, and it seems to work for them.  Maybe more of us should do it.


                  I'm so happy that you are not quitting.  I'll be taking time off after this marathon to concentrate on cross fit.  I'll be back next season, but it's good for everyone to take a break-- both mentally and physically.  Running marathons is tough.




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