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Coming up on my tough week (Read 124 times)

    Next week is looking rough for me "Streak-wise". My wife leaves Monday for Norway and doesnt get back until Friday. To add to the confusion, I am taking the week off to take care of the kids AND to build a deck on my house, which is really going to limit time. My 4yo doesnt go to school so I have to watch her all day while we build. The problem is I really dont have anybody to watch them while I head out and hit the road for a few miles. As was said in an earlier post - you sometimes have to run at odd times and do some weird things to keep the streaks going. Days like this I wish I had a treadmill in my house.
      That is a tough week. My son is 18, and will graduate from High School in a couple weeks, which makes my life a little easier - not much though Big grin One thought would be a track where you would be able to keep an eye on your 4 year old. Probably kind of hard while school is in session. Good luck!
        Can you run with a stroller?? That really is a tough week!!! Can you run around your yard?? I hope you are able to find time even if it's a week of 1 milers! MaineRunner - congrats on the graduation of your son!! Our seniors are almost done and I think we are ALL counting down!
          Can you run with a stroller??
          I do have a double running stroller which I will probably have to use. I think I am going to have to try to get my run in after dropping the older two at school, but before my dad shows up to work on the deck each morning.
            MaineRunner - congrats on the graduation of your son!! Our seniors are almost done and I think we are ALL counting down!
            Thanks, congrats to you too. I hope you have a great summer vacation!
              How is your week going???
                So far so good. Havent gotten my run in today yet, but streak is still going as of right now.
                  So I made it through - todays run was a two miler with the jogger stroller and my 4 1/2 year old daughter and 3 year old nephew (who I was baby sitting this morning) in it. WE killed two birds with one stone though because we were going to walk down to see my 6 y.o. son at his school's Field Day anyway, so I just ran us there. On a side note, my son's team won the tug of war while we were there. Cool
                    Glad you made it through your rough week.. This was a tough week for me also since I ran a marathon last Saturday. I wasn't sure how a post-marathon recovery week would work with running everyday. It went very nice, I just slowed way down. I feel great and am ready to start ramping my miles back up. I noticed on the streak page that you have me starting my streak on May 3, actually I started my streak on May 8. Paul
                      Hey Jeff...can you update my start date to 5/27? Thanks man!
                        Can you update me too... 5/21 Thanks!!!! Glad you made it!!
                          No problem. I will do the updates, but the files I need are on my work computer so it will have to wait until MOnday when I get back from vacation.
                            enjoy vacation!