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At what point do you think you'll stop counting in days? (Read 131 times)

    Just a thought here. I am almost at 200 days. I have passed the 6 months mark, and was just wondering at what point you think you would stop counting your streak in days and move to months/years? Young1 - do you still think of it in days now that you have passed the 2 year mark? I can imagine some of those longer streakers saying "Well, I have run every day now for 6,373 days." I figure at some point you will just say "a year and a half" or "9 months".

      Hi there don't know about days but i have started looking at it as weeks passed 11 weeks now on 12 weeks now. Weather here is carp today its supposed to be summer yet we've had heavy wind and heavy rain with no sign of it letting up for a while
        I think it would depend on who I was talking to. I would probably say I've run every day for 3 months to most people. But I would probably know the number in my head just in case someone asked. I think the thing is that # of days doesn't mean much to people because they can't easily figure out how many months or years it is they just know it is alot. For some reason 6 months is easier to grasp than 200 days - I'm not really sure why though.

        q day

          Interesting question! I always think in number of days, but now that I'm over 2 years, I think I will start counting years plus months. I still celebrate every 100 days and I'm thinking of something special for 1000 (March 09?). I usually don't know what day I'm on without checking it on this site. I've written down special days like; #296, qualified for Boston; #499, New York Marathon, and #668, Boston; and I'm wondering what day I'll hit my next goal of a 5K PR (God willing). My motivation has been low lately and I'm not sure how much longer I'll be in this "funk", but I have races coming up, and that usually inspires me to train harder. Streak on! Darrin 2years, 2 weeks

          "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

            i think my problem is that i don't know how long it's been... haha I guess it's around 2.5 months... in my mind it's days - because that's what I read it as on here. And Young you are right I don't actually know the days unless I looked here. It's kind of funny I thought I would have to try harder at it or something.
              I use to run four weeks in a row (28 days), and then take two or three days off (not in a row - just over a week.) I think about my streak in those terms: 28 day blocks. Kind of odd I guess. I just finished a "cut back" week where in the past I would have taken a few days off. I am starting my "third, 28 day block" since I started streaking.

                Maine not at all unusual i know of some runners, who do something similar but its a 21 day rule, really based on the theory that the 4th week should be a cutback week. But reading of runners who do streak changed my mind i'm liking it but nothing i openly admit as i know people will say you need to rest, you are inviting injury but i think its about training smart.
                  I have people telling me that I need rest days all the time. I just tell them that I do have rest days - it's just that I only run 1-2 miles on those days.
                    ok seriously i started streaking after my doctors told me I have an instability in my knee and I should NOT run consecutive days due to injury! Now the only time my legs act up is when I've spent too many hours on the couch! Streaking has taught me all about how to slow down and I think that has helped my legs tremendously. Going slow is the key to not injuring yourself, not running less.
                      ok seriously i started streaking after my doctors told me I have an instability in my knee and I should NOT run consecutive days due to injury! Now the only time my legs act up is when I've spent too many hours on the couch!
                      I totally have this problem too. My legs feel great during and after a run. It's after I have been inactive for long periods of time (sitting at my desk, sleeping at night, etc...) that they get stiff and hurt.
                        oh good!! I thought it was just me! Big grin I always feel better knowing someone else shares my pain! Maybe it means we need to run more! LOL
                          Or maybe I just need a new mattress and a job where I dont sit on my butt all day.
                            hmm could be! I'm pretty sure my couch is way past it's prime!
                              Ummm... I've seen your profile picture and I'm pretty sure your husband is not making you sleep on the couch Big grin
                                no but i'm a teacher on summer break who is very unmotivated... and so I spend a good bit of the day on the couch with my sleeping boston terrier and my lap top... it's very very bad! oh and hey nice cartoon!