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Difficulty at first with streaking? (Read 99 times)

    Today would be day 9 in my streak. I'm pretty darn sore. Have tried to run slow and tried to be judicious about my mileage. I assume this is the body getting used to this everyday thing? I did speedwork on Monday at the track (trying to run a fast mile, which is under 10 min for me), which I'm sure, in retrospect, was a bad idea. Many apologies in advance for the poor writing of this message...it has been a long day at work. If I don't respond, it is simply because I'm buried (and will be without email access at a retreat tomorrow). Thanks so much! You guys are all great inspirations!

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      looks like your easy run pace is right around 12? This means you will need to do some recovery runs around 13 or so. The thing is that at first it's just too much to run everything slow because you are use to having days off. So try taking couple days a week to really slow way down. Hope that helps! I'll try to think of other things I did also! Hope work lightens and you enjoy your retreat!
        Thanks, that is super helpful. My role in the retreat is simply to listen, take minutes and do follow up. Should be interesting conversation but will be a long boring day otherwise! MTA: thanks for suggesting to slow to 13 min/mile. I'm one of those people that needs to be kind of told what to do with concrete numbers - I'm impatient and would probably rush otherwise!

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          you are so welcome! I look forward to hearing if it helps!
            Hi kerry, Looking at your running log, I am probably thinking along the same lines as ShanHas here. It looks like you did 5 miles on the 4th (which is your long run) and then two days later you ran a sub-10 minute mile, which is a very fast pace for you. I think the reason you are probably sore is that you had these two hard workouts so close to each other. For you I wouldnt even worry about running a fast mile (unless there is a specific purpose - like you are racing someone). Just log the miles and you will start to get faster - speedwork can wait. I did speedwork yesterday and I am really sore today. Best of luck adn have fun at your retreat. Jeff

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              Thanks so much. I took the advice and did a mile in 12:49. Need to go a touch slower! Smile

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                Did that feel easier on your legs?
                  No, actually felt awful. I think, for me, streaking isn't the best thing right now. Think I'll come to it later as I get more experienced in running, though. I liked just "knowing" I had to run.

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                    well we will be here if you come back to it!!