A Mile A Day


Some stats on me (Read 122 times)

    Not sure why, but today i was wondering what percentage of my life I have been streaking for.


    I am 40 years old (that's 14,840 days or 494.5 months)  and my streak is 1,510 days which works out to 10.2% of my life.


    Other stats on me


    I've been married for 42.2% of my life.

    Been a dad for 35.5% of my life

    Been running for 24% of my life

    member of RA for 10.7% of my life


    That's what you get when I'm at work but dont really feel like working.

    2015 Goals

    Run 1,800 miles

    Do 10 minutes of core work every day

    10 mile goal: 1:12:00 (Black Cat 10 miler - March)


      That's great! Big grin


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