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    Thanks for the answer, ---Which only leads to another question for me!  :-)   If the 24-hour starts at 7am, so that 17 hours of it fall in the first day and 7 hours of it fall in the second day, how does the system know many miles to attribute to each day?  Assuming of course that your pace will vary quite a bit during most of the 24 hour race.


    My personal solution I came up with is to note what mile I have completed at the end of the 17th hour, and then put the miles for the other 7 hours on the next day.  I think I have even seen this logged on charts as "24 hour race part 1" and "24 hour race part 2" on the different days with the different mileage achieved on each day.    --  And on the subject of the race in April, I can't wait for the race!.  I have since upped my goal from "50 to 60" to "75 to 80" miles.  This streak thing has me running alot more miles each week, and thus, will be much better prepared by April !   --


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      If it has a gps track, the points all have timestamps on them.

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