A Mile A Day


Streak musing (Read 15 times)

    Part of me would like to go out and run to keep my silly 10 day streak going, but it's not going to happen.


    One of these days I'll get back on the streak and try to past my old mark. Partly to push past the old mark, partly because I enjoy running and mostly because I seem to run better when I'm streaking.


    The hard part is knowing when not to run. The tweaks come and go, lately they are more frequent.

      I feel you on that - suffering through some sciatic pain right now and every couple days debate whether to just stop for a month or so to let it heal up completely.  But then I think, what if i do stop and it doesnt heal anyway?  Then I'll have blown the streak for nothing.  Most days, getting in my mile doesnt hurt, but man, sitting at my desk all day is kicking my @ss.


      Just looking at your streak log and that is some seriously impressive mileage though - averaging 8 miles a day through your longest streak.  I think my average is going to drop below 5 this year if things dont fix soon.  I miss my long runs.