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Weekly Check-in 2/16/09 (Read 207 times)

The Monkey Games

    Yeah, this was a one man quest. I will have to try and challenge myself sometime in the Summer. I am registered to run Strolling Jim, 41 miles, in early May. SJ tends to be very hot and they have very very little on-course support, so that may be my opportunity to try and manage fluids more intensely.
      Jeff, For better or worse, here it is. One double which I am half way through today. I will be doing one long run on Thursday of 12 Miles and the rest will be done at easy pace. I may throw in strides one day or a progression run depending on how I am feeling. If everything holds up, this will be my highest mileage week ever. I am optimistic. I rarely end up sticking exactly to my schedule, usually end up doing some mid-week shuffling to account for how am feeling. Monday - 9 Miles Tuesday AM - 5 Miles Tuesday PM - 6 Miles Wednesday - 6.5 Miles Thursday - 12 Miles Friday - 6.5 Miles Saturday - 9 Miles Sunday - 7 Miles Ryan
      Nice job Ryan, I see you made the 60 miles. I missed by quite a bit. I knew I was going to be short because I missed one of my doubles on Friday for skiing. Then I had my montly poker game last night and was way too tired to get up for 12 today. I still hoped to get it in, but next thing I knew it was 7:00 PM and I hadnt run, so I got out the door for 3.5 miles - still got over 50 which is my highest this year and will shoot for 60 again this week. Jeff

      2015 Goals

      Run 1,800 miles

      Do 10 minutes of core work every day

      10 mile goal: 1:12:00 (Black Cat 10 miler - March)

      The Monkey Games

        So maybe my best week ever! Thanks guys!!