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quick streak ended (Read 245 times)

    Start streaking again to build miles for my upcoming marathon. Damn ice under the snow forced/allowed me to end my streak at a measly 40 days. Blah.


    Back at it again this morning.


    Scary thing; I was tempted to run on a dreadmill to keep the streak alive. Argh.


      Scary thing; I was tempted to run on a dreadmill to keep the streak alive. Argh.



      Nothing wrong with that - other than the fact that most of us hate treadmills.  I've done it.  in fact I did it three times this last weekend when we were up in Vermont.  The roads were too narrow and treacherous to run on so i just did a mile on the treadmill instead.


        Sorry you had to end the streak!


        I feel horrible this morning and opted for my 1.25 loop -- in reality really stupid since I feel very dizzy and it is only 20 degrees out.  The things we do!  Blush


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          Ice and snow is fun!

            Around thanksgiving we were up in Vermont and there was already snow on the mountain.  I was running down one fo the roads that crossed over the ski trail (trails not open yet) and didnt realize that under the 2 inches of snow was a slick sheet of ice.  I went down really hard on my right shoulder. 


            Snow and Ice can be fun if you are careful.  If you're stupid like I was it can be painful.

              Ice = busted ass and snow is fun!


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                Hah.  I ran in it twice yesterday.  A little sliding, but not bad.  COLD tho.

                A Dance with Monkeys

                  Hey Oldman, nice seeing you out in the snow this morning!

                    Back at you, good day for a runCool


                    The double loop of the 11.2 (no LL) is especially tough with the snow. Should have worn trail shoes. No falls, but oh so close on several occasions.

                    A Dance with Monkeys

                      I was thinking about a double loop, but was happy with 14.  A pretty morning to be out!