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Hurricane Sandy (Read 124 times)


    I am really hoping Sandy won't end my streak.  I am going to try and get up early tomorrow and sneak in a mile around the block -- I am concerned about the conditions and more worried that someone might actually yell at me for being outside.  Not happy! 


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      I have already decided that I can run up and down the dead end road  across from us 3 or 4 times to make a mile if have to.  Smile

        That's why God invented treadmills.  I got up this morning and called my work weather line and we were still opened, so I went to the gym and ran a mile on the treadmill on my way to work.  by the time I got back to the locker room, my work had closed for the day.  But I was already up and halfway thre so I am here now for a bit at least - heading home soon before it gets bad though.


        On the upside of todays run....


        Last Monday when I ran the pain from my sports hernia (still assuming that's what it is) was about an 8 on a scale of 1-10.


        Today, it was more like a 2, so it seems to be getting better a bit each day.  Still icing every day and ibuprofen for any swelling that may be going on there.  Hoping to be pain free by the end of this week.

        2015 Goals

        Run 1,800 miles

        Do 10 minutes of core work every day

        10 mile goal: 1:12:00 (Black Cat 10 miler - March)


          Good news Jeff!


          No much going on here this morning so I went out for my regular run.  It is windy but the rain hasn't even started.  I think the only problem so far has to do with high tide, the full moon, and water surges.  Parts of my town are already flooding even though the storm hasn't officially hit yet.


          As for treadmills, they won't be of much use if we actually lose power.  I don't belong to a gym and can't have one in my 200 year old house -- the floors are too shaky already!  Big grin


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            Yeah, me too - expecting to run in rain and wind tomorrow. (I'm another one with no treadmill access of any kind.)

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              I forget where I read it -- maybe in this forum -- but one of the guys who had one of the longest running streaks was stuck in a hotel room with no other option than to move his furniture around and just do circles around the room. That does seem a little suspect (not to mention OCD) but I guess if you can run circles around the living room for 15 minutes or so there's no reason you couldn't count it as a mile. 


                Nperry lens with the run this morning. Only one spot where trees and power lines were dangerous but since everything is shut down I did not have to worry. Streak on!  Big grin


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