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Anyone still streaking? (Read 330 times)

    Streaking was not in the cards for this runner, but I'm wondering, has anyone in this group been able to manage it?
      Not here man...streaking is tough. I had a couple good ones in at over 35 days, but overall something always comes up. I'll keep at it though. This has definitly been a great experience!

          I'm thinking that I'm going to start streaking again. I don't want to sacrifice too much speed or health, so I'll just trot out a bit over a mile on my off days. Anyone with me? Carl
            I'd love to, but I'm hvingsome serious knee issues. I'll be in to the Dr. soon, then hopefully I can start!
              Hey Kyle, Would you know if there is a group still doing speed work at a Clarks Summit track on Thursday mornings? If so, I'm interested in joining in. I don't want to bother my wife with trying to schedule it in, though, if there's nobody there!
                Hey Carl, sorry for the delay in answering. I haven't been able to run for quite a while now, so I haven't been on here to log anything. Anyway, nobody is meeting on Thursdays that I know of.
                  No problem. I hope you're able to run soon!