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River Towns Marathon (Read 223 times)

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    I was looking for a Spring Marathon that fit my schedule and came across this one, River Towns Marathon.  It is in Danville PA.  Do any of you have any first or second hand experience from this race?


    Is it worth the effort to get there?





      I have no helpful info for you, but it sounds like a nice course and it's one of thew races I'd like to eventually do. It'll be either this or Steamtown in 2011.

      Hawt and sexy

        Wait. What. You doing Steamtown? Then who will be a start line volunteer? And this whole idea of you running? weird.

        I'm touching your pants.

          Yes, I know. But vicarious running has its limits. And hey, I did run a 5K last week, so I know I can still get the legs going.



            So....did anyone run it. I am about to sign up for this as my first marathon.

            Any advice/opinions on this race?