Northeast PA


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Hawt and sexy

    Kyle is gone and we are not very active. Granted, we don't need a lot done, but would someone like to take over as owner? Hint-Carl?

    I'm touching your pants.

      Thanks for the suggestion, Amanda. I can do it.


      Can anyone reach Kyle easily? I emailed him in York a couple years ago, but I don't have his address handy now.


      If we can't reach him, another option would be to change the name of this group to something like "Inactive" and then start a new "Northeast PA Runners" group.

      Hawt and sexy

        If we ask the owner here really nice, he can do just about anything. The local site is getting fairly thin though. So, I worry that we might need some peeps with power here in case someone gets bored. Shoot eric Smile a message, and I am sure it will be done.

        I'm touching your pants.

          Thanks, Amanda. It looks like we're back in business!

            Thanks Amanda and Carl for keeping us alive.