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"Shirtless Joe"

    Howdy all,


    I actually belong to Bucks County Road Runners - but am a member of Pineland Striders FB and Yahoo page so WTH.  Just interested in local races and possible training group runs.  Currently doing BCCR WS in Tyler until end of February.  Still on fence for CR half mary in DE as well as R2C18. Are any Pineland Striders hosting or running as a team locally?


    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum

    Gettysburg Marathon North vs.South April 26th 2015 (4:05:20)

    Chasing the Unicorn Marathon August 16th, 2015 (4:19:27)

    Monster Mash Marathon October 17th, 2015

    Philadelphia Gore-Tex Marathon November 22, 2015