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    So how's the end of 2007 wrapping up for you guys? Although I wasn't ready to enter the 100 in September, I did set a 68-mile personal distance record in August. For next year, I'm hoping to significantly improve my marathon time and then be in shape for a late-year 100. Along the way, I'm planning informal 50K races in January and February. Cheers, Carl

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    Blaine Moore (MM#2867)

      I ran my first (a 50k) in September, and would like to run another next year. I haven't planned past march yet, though.

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        I ran lots of road races this year but my favorites were trail 50k's, so I'm going to focus on ultras next year. I'd like to step up to a 50 mile or 100k next year but haven't picked one yet. The Antelope Island 50 sounds interesting...

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