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NJ Trail Series 3 Days at the Fair 2014 (Read 76 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Best of luck with your race series.  I hope I can make it one year.

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      Race starts in 4 days, Thursday morning at 9:00am.  That is for the 72 Hour, the 48 and 24 start on Friday and Saturday at the same time.  All races finish on Sunday at 9:00a.


      I will not be posting updates here but will try to update FB here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/427920593937809/


      Also, going to try to update Twitter, @NJTrailSeries using the tag #3DaysattheFair


      Good luck to all runners that are coming out.  Make sure you say hi.  If you have never met me I will be at the timing table almost the entire weekend unless I am doing laps or drinking.  Sometimes I do laps and drink and / or time and drink too.


      --- I thought folks were joking when they were talking about drinking at the fairgrounds.  Drinking is allowed?   I'll save mine for after my 12-hour is complete, but I'll certainly bring a couple if it is legal to do so!  Perhaps a last-lap victory drink if I set a new PR?

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      On On

        Just bumping this to the top again.  Race is coming up in 7 weeks.  Pretty decent crowd so far.  No big names that I would expect record performances but that is better some times.  Keeps it a more low key family atmosphere.


        Hope to see some of you out there.  Let me know if you are coming.


          Hasher Rick I am hoping to run 3 days at the Fair next year if all goes well.  Hope you have good weather.

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            I'll be there cheering on some friends, plan on my first 50k there next year.