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Difference between ultra / trail and road ? (Read 689 times)

Feeling the growl again

    here's the 50 mile record. Im assuming that these records need to be set in a controlled environment and treadmills, tested, etc to count. Reminds me of the movie 'King of Kong'


    50 mi: Martin Tighe (USA), 6:06:19 hrs, on 19 March 2005


    I'm kind of shocked that it is that high...


    IMO trails are easier on you, if the surface structure is similar to road.  But if it is technical and introduces a lot of lateral movement, it can eat you up if you have not trained for it and worked those muscles.

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      FWIW, I am pondering a 50k the day everyone is running ice age.  My 50k has 9000ft of gain (and a matching amount of loss) over 31ish miles.  So, 4500-4800 over 16 miles.  Requires a different approach than 1200 over 16... though in both cases, going out too fast is going out too fast.


      About 300 feet per mile up and down! Average of 11% grade climbing... CRAZY!  Shocked


      To put that in perspective Newton Hills from Boston mile 16 up and then down to mile 24 changes +484.1 ft / -478.3 ft  (avg of 2.3% grade)


        Yeah.  And when I got to the top of Heartbreak, I chuckled.  "Wait.  That was it?"  9000 in 50k is HARD, even by trail standards... which is why I said I was "pondering" and not for-sure doing it yet.  There are a few races like that around here.  One was two weekends ago.  Yakima Skyline. 10,000+ gain in 31 miles.


        Oh.  That treadmill "record" is suuuuuuuper soft.



          It should be 5:30 or below with many people being able to do 5:30


          Reality, I am suprised Wardian has not takena  crack at it - He has taken a crack at the TM marathon record. 


          Yeah.  And when I got to the top of Heartbreak, I chuckled.  "Wait.  That was it?"


          Oh.  That treadmill "record" is suuuuuuuper soft.

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            Ultrarunning.com's race calendar has a rating system for both terrain and surface 


            Riggs, you may want to look at that.  Those two numbers they give can provide a whole lot of info about any race you are contemplating.


            Women's 24 hour American treadmill record is 114.  That might be fun to go after.  Women's World record is 153.6.  Yeah, that is never, ever happening.  Not on a track, on the road, on a treadmill.  Maybe with a bike.


            Treadmill records!

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              I love pondering that calendar.  One caveat to the two ratings... it's kinda like how "green", "blue", and "black" at one set of slopes may not map to another place.  Or 5 star hot at one Thai place versus another.


              Those ratings are provided by the race directors.  This makes good sense, but man oh man do RDs have differing opinions.  We have a couple race directors locally who are famous for understating how hard their courses are to the everyday-not-a-badass trail runner.


              But still, that is my favorite calendar.


              Which is saying something since I, uh, manage two completely different calendars.


                You should do it WG!  That would be awesome!.


                Or the 48 hour record.  They have it listed at 141.7.  Why wouldn't they at least use the 24hr record as the distance?

                  You should do it WG!  That would be awesome!.



                  I have thought of it a lot.  The two things that get me:  There would be a lot of down/recovery time where I couldn't put down a 24 hour race in order to do some stunt running, and I wonder about all the drama and bullshit behind it.  I don't want attention (Dean K in Times Square?), I am uncomfortable combining fundraising with running, I don't need any pub.  I am just really curious if I could do it or not.  Just the all training miles on the treadmill sound like they would help me gain some serious mentally toughness.  

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                    I think you should do it IN a pub.