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    I wasn't really sure where to post this. I thought this would be the best place. I wanted to take a minute to give anonymous kudos to a bunch of runners who gave up their race chances to try and save another runners life. During the Collegiate Peaks trail run yesterday a group of runners came upon an unconscious runner laying face down on the trail. It was almost 1/2 way between 2 rest stops and in a very remote part of the course. Several runners either backtracked or ran to the next aid station in search of help. Several other runners began doing CPR. It was too rugged to get an ambulance in to get him. The same group of runners loaded him in the back of a truck and did CPR for many rough miles until they met the ambulance at the highway. It’s my understanding that the runner passed away. I don't know who the deceased runner was or the people who tried to save him were. But, I am still stunned by the generosity of the running community. In these days of the super competitiveness of life in general it is comforting for me to know ... now without question that there is abundant good all around us. SG
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      My heart goes out to the runner's family. The runners who helped him - I'm not surprised. In my very short experience with the ultra running world - and trail runners period - I've found them all to be generous and big of heart.

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        Here's the link to the preliminary story in the Salida paper. http://www.themountainmail.com/main.asp?SectionID=4&SubSectionID=4&ArticleID=13637
          When something like that happens, the race doesn't even matter anymore. You just do what you can to help. I know it's not the same thing, but I was in the mtn bike leg of a trail duathlon yesterday when I came across a cyclist off his bike. He said was bonking and needed some kind of food. So, I stopped and gave him a powerbar from my pack, it never even crossed my mind to just pass him by in order to get a faster time. It would be really cool if the organizers of the collegiate peaks 50 gave everyone who gave up their race to help the fallen runner a free entry into next years race.