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Badwater reincarnatedization (Read 76 times)

Uh oh... now what?

Muddling through

    This might confuse runners late in the race. How will they know whether they are hallucinating or just simply seeing the next Disney character? Any plans to build a replica of Cinderella's Castle at one of the towns or aid stations?

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    Uh oh... now what?

      Out there on the flats, Sierra in view, lights of Lone PIne twinking in the distance... yes, a castle would be nice.


        I like it, but why are they skimping on the Disney character photo-ops?

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            They should have Disney characters as pacers.

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            You'll ruin your knees!

              I am totally getting a FASTPASS to let me go to the front of the line...

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                Runners World corrected their story. It wasn't Disney but rather the Church of Scientology that purchased Badwater.


                The Onion could not have done better.

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                  The Onion could not have done better.


                  Well, this one was mostly funny, but the Onion could have done it better IMO. Generally, Remy isn't as funny as he thinks he is.