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    looking for a pacer for mcnaughton 100 on 4-10-2010
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    Cat in a Pot

      You might want to post over on kickrunners, as well.  Good luck!

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      2014: May - MDW 70-Miles (w/Trail Factor 50k) - Cascade Crest, WA/Astoria, OR/Portland, OR

      June 7 - Grasshopper Peak Redwoods Run 30k - Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA

      July 12 - Mt. Hood 50 - Mt. Hood, OR

      Oct 11 - Firetrails 50 - Lake Chabot, CA

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        The ultralist is also a good place to reach a wide audience (about 1600 people).

        A Dance with Monkeys

          Not going for 150?

          The King of Beasts

            looking for a pacer for mcnaughton 100 on 4-10-2010


            what are their "pacing" rules ?


            i might do it.

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              Not going for 150?


              They're publishing options for 200- and 500-mile runs also, but it's unclear how to apply for these.


              Luckily, I'm already entered into the Massanutten lottery so I'm not worrying about this at the moment.



              MTA--Found the reg pages:



              A Dance with Monkeys

                Last year, McNaughton was all mud.

                  I keep getting confused between the two McNaughtons.


                  From going back to read the websites, it looks like the Illinois McNaughton in April is 100-max, while the new Vermont version in May is the one with the less-conceivable distances. The original IL one used to have a 150 option.


                  Not sure about the muddiness of one vs. the other.


                  MTA: From what I can tell from hanging around this website, another one (John) would be a great pacer.

                  A Dance with Monkeys

                    Yeah, I was thinking of IL, which maxed at 150.

                    On On

                      The concept of a 500 Mile race I find so intriguing.  Not sure if the 10 Mile loop would be a blessing or curse after awhile.  Would the mental challenge of knowing you can quit 49 prior times through the start finish area push you to stop or give you comfort that it is only another 10 miles until that loop is over.



                      500 miles / 9 days = about 5.5 loops per day.  Wonder if you would still be having fun after 6 or 7 days?