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Bad Ass

    Hi, ladies.  I have not been posting because I had been feeling ill.  Yesterday, I was able to leave early so I rested. This morning I woke up feeling crappy but now I feel fine.  I am still planning on doing the race tomorrow, assuming the vet does not give me horrible news.


    I came to the house and found Trixie had vomited 5-6 times in 5 minutes (which is why I took her to the vet two days ago).  She is now there waiting to be prodded and examined.  I had to leave her there because she was dehydrated and they couldn't take her blood.  Hoping for good news as to her condition.


    Sorry for the lack of shoutouts but I need to get back to get her.  I just wanted to say hello.  I read everything; sorry for the post and go.

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      Hi Ladies


      Got out of the meeting early, thank goodness (though not early enough lol).  Had time to run 3.6.  I am really sick of the wind and cold, though, felt like an asthmatic yikes!


      Camille - I am with you on this weather!  The Saturday thing will most likely happen later this year.  Hopefully, we'll be able to rotate and only have to do one per month.  The latest is both my co-horts have applied for other jobs in the agency, I know one of them will get hers, so once again, we'll be down a case worker.  I do really like the new case management director we've hired, though she's only there on a consulting basis.


      Karen - yes, my division used to never have Friday meetings, but now we've combined forces with the other department and they love the Friday thing.  The Executive Director made a comment about how he wanted to end these 'casual Fridays'.  Of course, guess who was on vacation during today's meeting....yep, said Director. Roll eyes


      Ginny - sorry for the mouth troubles.  Great pic of GD!!


      Marjorie - nice 10.5!


      Tessa - enjoy your weekend, sounds fun!


      Gatsby - send your weather this way, please!!


      Julie - sorry about your sick doggie!


      Damaris - sorry both you and Trixie have been under the weather

      Bad Ass

        Thanks.  Good news (somewhat)!  She has dehydration!  So, nothing major like pancreatitis or things like that.  DH will observe her tomorrow and if she vomits again, she'll go back, but hopefully she won't need to.  Everything on the test came back normal.


        Have a nice night!

        Damaris, Marathon Maniac, Ultra Runner, INKnBURN Ambassador


        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          Reading back over old posts and saw the comment about the "problem child on the board" ....was hoping you didn't mean me since I'd been absent a day. LOL


          Julia-were you doing repeats yesterday?  all those "double posts."


          Marjorie AKA the wedding planner - I'm not Jewish but oye vay.


          Camille-Monday sounds good. Once I'm back home I'll firm up our plans.  as painful as that is for me.  I'm a "don't like to plan" girl.


          Karen-I'm okay with one star. Surprising isn't it? Given my high level of competitiveness.


          Ginny-love the pic of grand daughter. bummer on the tooth.


          Walked around a lot tonight. Sort of looking for something cute for Kaite but I didnt' see anything.  Super shopper that I am walking on Madison and 5th Avenues in NYC and finding nothing to buy. So Juniors does have good cheesecake.  Just in case you were wondering.