Route/Mile and Eliptical Entry (Read 390 times)


    First of all, this site is great. I have two things I encountered. First, there is no eliptical entry anymore. I was just wondering if this will be brought back. Second, When I entered my run entry, I chose one of the routes I normally run and have mapped. When I chose it, it doesn't fill in the distance block like it used to. I had to manually enter it. This wouldn't be a problem, but I have to go check the route first to see the exact miles. Once again, htanks for a great site. The modifications look great.

    One day at a time

      All my activity types are still there, when I look at "Manage My Activities." But when I click on the pulldown under "New Run Entry," those activities (such as "Pool Running" and "YMCA Class") do not appear, so I can't make a new entry for them. What do I need to do? OK, Amy (Dragon) pointed out that now you have to click on "New Run Entry," and the activitiy pulldown menu is on the"Edit workout entry" page under "Workout Details."
      eric :)


          Thanks, Once again, AWESOME site.