Flying Pig Marathon - May 6th, 2012 (Read 1159 times)

    I'm hoping there will be plenty of RA'ers there this year. Last year I had the flu, then tornadoes ruined mine and many others' towns and 3 days later was the Pig. Decided to run the half instead of the full as I was still aching from the flu and stress didn't help. It was an awesome event considering the weather, certainly convincing enough to do it again, but this year I will be 21 and am deciding whether to do the full or half this year based on how I do at Rocket City. I'm most eager to go back to the Rock Bottom Brewery and actually get a beer!


    MTA: The hill from 5-8ish is actually so much worse on the elevation chart than it is in person- while you're climbing you get the scenic part of the race and there's TONS of people cheering you up the hills, even on the stormy days in the recent years. After that it's overall a sweet PR course.

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      I'd do it again. PR course for me.


      Me too. The uphill is early and it's not that bad, then it's all downhill. It's a really well-run event all around.

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        I'm registered for my first full marathon at the Pig. Simultaneously excited and terrified.

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          I'm trying to muster the courage for the full. I guess I have until the next rate hike to decide. BTW - if anyone gets a discount code please share with those of us who didn't sign up early. Big grin

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