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    I haven't run with accessories since highschool. (Used to run with my cassette walkman!) But, I am thinking about taking my Samsung Transform to try out GPS tracking.


    Any recommendations for a good armband?

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      I use an Armpocket Sport 20 for my iPhone 4 and have been very happy with it.



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        I also use the Armpocket 20. It seems a bit bulky when not on my arm but when I'm wearing it I don't feel it; it's pretty comfy. Also roomy enough to hold some other stuff in addition to phone/mp3 player (key, money, id, gel, etc.).


        I have a Samsung Fascinate, which is kind of long. The Fascinate itself fits in the case but once I plug in the earbuds, the case cannot zip all the way shut. The zippers go right up to the earbud jack. So far they seem to stay there fine and I haven't had any problems with the case opening unexpectedly. Oh wait,  I just did some experimenting. If I put my Fascinate in upside down and the screen facing in, then I can use the headphone port at the bottom of the Armpocket. But then I wouldn't be able to use the touchscreen of the phone, which I normally don't while running anyway so maybe I'll do it that way next time. (Jack on the Fascinate is located at top upper right. Headphone port of my Armpocket is bottom right.)


        Armpocket 20 with Samsung Fascinate

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          I use headphones with a 90 degree angle plug and I can just get mine zipped. It looks like they have a larger model that has a little more length for the phone.

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            I have a neoprene Tune Belt AB83 for my HTC Desire (slightly larger than an Iphone), and really love it.

            That model should be the right size for a Samsung transform too.


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