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    sub520; check the graph of your whole run. Sometimes cold weather messes with the HR sensor built into the watch. You might see a minute or two where the HR shot up by 20, but your pace was constant. Those sensors use an optical method, and I had read that the cold can change the skin so the watch optical sensor glitches. Something like that. If the HR goes up but pace/cadence stays the same, it will cause the algorithm to reduce your vO2max score.


    I'm a Polar user, so apples to oranges with Garmin algorithm.

    I think these watch estimates are in the ballpark, but in no way accurate since they use a "one size fits most" calculation. Kind of like that "max HR is 220 minus your age" thing.

    What they ARE good for is using the same watch and comparing the vO2 max "score" over time, since it's an indicator of fitness level, sort of. But exclusively to YOU, and not as a comparison to other people, even if they're using the same watch.

    I'm M61, and when I'm feeling pretty fit from running 35+ miles a week for a few months my watch tells me my vO2max is between 55 and 60. Other times, like now where I've only been running 20 miles a MONTH for a couple months, I'm getting scores of 42-49 on my runs. And it all depends on the distance, I score higher going slower pace but running further.


    Thanks for this information - this is helpful.  I will keep a look out to see what happens are the temp increases.  And that is very interesting about the weekly mileage.  I am currently in a phase of lower mileage for the year - Dec/Jan/Feb are the lowest for me.  That could be something.  Here in Illinois our weather temps have been warmer than normal, but since my runs are usually as the sun is rising, I am usually working out during the coldest part of the day.


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