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    But, didn't we just run the 30K Around the Bay race last weekend you ask? Yes, but mrs Daddyo and I recovered well and just did 2 easy runs this week + some cross training on the bikes. We had to run the 5K race this weekend. It is local, located just a few blocks from oyr house on the Beaches Boardwalk area of Toronto. This is a very nice underpromoted but well attended event with a lot of familiar faces and great burgers serverd up afterwards. The weather was near perfect. It was a balmy 45˚ at race time. Cameron and Sarah ran today as well. Cam, although he has been running 5Ks lately was told to run the 2K race as a part of Cross Country School Team tryouts. He is in grade 2 but grade 3 is the lowest division - He will still make the team as an allowed under-ager. He ran the 2K today in 8:31 despite a bad crowd at the front. There were a lot of big kids pushing up to the front and squished him back, a lot who were not fast runners and forced him to navigate around them. Cam was a bit upset as he has been running 8:30-8:45 times in practice runs and was hoping to break 8 mins today. Still not a bad result for a 7 yr old. No medal though as the age group was 7-9 and tere were a lot of fast kids there. 8/44 M 7-9 age group. Sarah, had a good result with a 21:40, a 5 second PR, she was also hoping to go lower but she just hasn't put in the mileage lately. She is a fairweather runner, and for a 14 year old, I can understand that. We did after all have a nasty winter. 14/33 13-17 F age grop Mrs Daddyo impressed me and herself with a one and a half minute PR pf 28:10. Only 6 days after her longest run ever and fighting off the tail end of a bad cold. 13/33 F 31-40 age group And for me, the elusive sub 20 slipped away. 20:15 was my time - a 49 second PR with a stop for shoe retie thrown in at the halfway point. Was this a good rest, or was it the reason I missed a sub 20. We'll never know. At least I still have that goal to keep me motivated Smile - 4/20 M 31-40 age group KM Splits 1 3:53 2 4:07 3 4:11 (shoe tie) 4 4:09 5 3:54 As always, thanks for sharing your reports and thanks for allowing me to share mine. ~ Daddyo

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      Double-knot your laces, silly guy! Wink You guys never fail to impress me. I love that you all run and have such a fun time. Fantastic family activity! Smile

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        Thanks for sharing, Dave! It's nice they have XC teams for kids that young - it doesn't start until 6th grade in our town. Congrats to DW on her PR! Hard to do when you're not feeling 100%. Keep up the great work! You'll get to 20 minutes soon, I bet. Teresa

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          Double-knot your laces, silly guy! Wink You guys never fail to impress me. I love that you all run and have such a fun time. Fantastic family activity! Smile
          I usually do. Actually, i usually use Lock Laces but I never got around to it with these shoes. Dave
            Great job Team Daddyo!! I love that you all run together!! Smile
              Nice PRs for you and Mrs Daddyo, way to go team!

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              May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your SPF30, may the rains fall soft upon your sweat-wicking hat, and until you hit the finish line may The Flying Spaghetti Monster hold you in the hollow of His Noodly Appendage.

                What a great day, nice running with the Fam. Congrats to all Cool

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                  Team family daddyo: You are all awesome!!! Family running is the best. Your 14 year old did great! Seems like the whole family is born to run!
                  Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)
                    Fifteen seconds to tie a shoe? Come on. Let it stay untied. One of the best races I ever ran was the Egg Nog Jog 10.8k in Georgetown this past December. I ran the last 9k with a shoe untied. There's plenty of time to tie your shoe when you're done, and you can brag about your sub-20 while you do it. Your kids have some real talent.

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                      adeel - I contemplated continuing, but it felt shit, and the shoe just loosened right up. 25 races and thiswas the first time. I will live to run another 5k and go sub 20 and brag another day...today, I missed it but my ankle feels good for it Smile Your blog is excellent...you are only 21? your writing doesn't show that.
                        Fair enough, I know the feeling. Not knowing what you wore, I think it's worse with heavier trainers since the upper tends to spread apart more when the laces come undone. Thanks for the compliment. My writing deteriorates as you read farther back. Please don't.

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                          Asics Gel Nimbus 8, I love them, cushioned neutral shoe, not too heavy. Harder to find now that the 9's have been around a while. Re: your blog..I read pretty far back, me thinks you doth self deprecate too much. I guess living near yu makes the content somewhat more interesting. Wink

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                              Another great showing Team Daddyo. Very cool you all participate in running and races. Big grin

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                                Great job. You guys are one fast family.