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    Anybody got one ? After series of serious sprains on my left ankle i have almost no confidence at all on it right now. I'm constantly thinking about it (which i know i shouldn't do) when i'm running. Even during my 5K race i think i diverted some of my focus from racing to worrying whether i'm gonna step on a crack and sprain it again I really want to start hitting trails and off the hard stuff to ease the pounding. Anyway, thoughts, suggestions will be appreciated. Aloha, Steve

      um, this is dumb, but it always worked for me. Draw the alphabet with each foot. I tend to like cursive better. Smile That's what I always did for rehab when I sprained my ankle in the past, it seems to work for me.

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        Try a bosu board - just standing on it to watch Tv, etc....works wonders
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          oooh - the evil bosu Wink I had a bunch of exercises that I was (and am supposed to continue doing) from PT. Various exercises on the Bosu Board were one of them. Baps board was another tool they had me using. One legged squats while the free leg pointed in various other directions was another thing - basically they put a big X on the ground, had me stand in the middle, as if the thing was a compass. As I squatted on the left leg, the right foot would go forward to North, then stand, then squat and the right foot would go to NE, then to E, then to SE, then S. Repeat with the other leg... I did a mess of balancing exercises too... Finally, after improving my balance (apparently I have very weak ankles) they had me doing directional jumping on one foot.
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            Try a bosu board - just standing on it to watch Tv, etc....works wonders
            Second that. PT recommended that for an old ankle sprain. Stand on the BOSU on one leg at a time, first eyes open then eyes cosed. Apparently the eyes closed version will mess with your balance, forcing your ankles to be stronger yet. TongueDrawing the alphabet is great also.

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              thanks for the tips..i'll look into this bosu thingie
                Thanks for starting this thread and all the great replies. My ankles are still pretty weak from all my years of training for the couch surfing marathon. I'm going to have to check out one of those bosu boards too.

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                  I sprained my ankle back in December, and that kept me out of running until I was finally able to see a doctor in March. I rehabbed it through April, and now am back up and running again. A couple more good exercises that I still do include resistance exercises with an elastiband, as well as single leg toe-raises.
                    In addition to the alphabet (a great exercise, in my opinion), I also alternate standing on one foot while brushing my teeth in the morning--half the time on my left foot, half the time on my right. These two exercises have made a tremendous difference in my ankle strength.
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