Amazon coupon codes for shoes (Read 107 times)

    Not sure if I'm supposed to post stuff like this here or not, but I get the email for Amazon coupon codes for shoes and they have 2 of them going right now.


    NEWFALL2  = 20% off shoe purchases of $100 or more.  Ends 09/23/2013.  They have to be from Amazon though, not a reseller type setup where they are actually sold by some other company.


    30SHOES2 =  30% off an eligible shoe or handbag item shipped and sold by Amazon.com. This one shows to be good through 12/31/2013.


    I've been buying my skechers shoes there and they are usually discounted pretty well to begin with, then when you apply the 20 or 30 percent off coupons they are even better.  My last pair of Go Run 2's were under $45 all in.  Shipping is free too.


    I've got 5 pairs of brand new in the box shoes already so I'm bummed to have to pass this one up but thought I would share it in case anyone else could benefit.  

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      Thanks though I couldn't use the codes found my discontinued new balance wt1010's for $47.00.



      Just run.


        Thanks for sharing.