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    Hey everyone. I am 21, i used to be a national class mid distance runne rin high school (half mile and mile) and i did alright in college. I decided to quit running because i felt burnt out. Its been almost a year since i competitively raced and now and then ive been trainging but nothing special. I am looking to just get back in good 5k and less shape. I dont want too much mileage and i dont want too much speed and i need a good mix. How should i start this? Maybe have a couple weeks of just base mileage or should i start workouts soon. Any suggestions.

      Hello rjb1984 I didn't want you to think no one is listening ( Wink, so I'll try to give you a quick response, as best I can. My gut instinct (and my old 5K cross-country coach's strategy from highschool) is that you'd better work on some sort of base mileage before moving to fast workouts. Why? I'd wager that with a few workouts on a track you could be feeling pretty fast, as far as your cardio/respiratory ability to handle it... from what I've read, those systems can come online pretty fast. However, to avoid injury I think most runners build a base before working on speed so that their muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, etc have time to "harden" against the stress. At least, that's how I like to think about it. Sorry, I don't know enough about training for these fast distances (<5k) to give you any more specific advice! good luck! to="" give="" you="" any="" more="" specific="" advice!="" good="" luck!=""></5k) to give you any more specific advice! good luck! >
        Vicentefrijole gives good advice. You want to buld up up an aerobic base before doing any specific speed workouts, and it should probably be no less than about 12 weeks. This will get your body in shape for harder workouts. Then maybe 1 or 2 hard workouts per week should get you to where you want to be.