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    Like a few others... I'm driving my dream car now.



    Nothing but American cars before this.  I still have a GMC truck and a 1955 Ford 2-door post.  I used to be a hardcore Chevy dude, had a few Camaros.  Built engines and drag raced mainly, but also did some autocrossing.  Kind of over the hotrod thing now.


    I can still yank an engine out of a car, though.

      Good to know, I have a manual Forester as well, although not the turbo. Best-handling car I've ever driven in the snow. There's nothing particularly dreamy about it, however.


      Lol Arla!  C'mon, a Forester?  Who doesn't dream about that car?!  Actually, I was just joking.  It's a strictly utilitarian vehicle for me and fuck if it doesn't go just about everywhere (so far) my old Dodge 4X4 pickup did.  And on half the gas.  Sweet.


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        Those early 911s weren't the easiest cars to drive fast.  They have a reputation for biting the inexperienced driver with vicious off throttle and brake induced oversteer.  An unusual percentage of them flew off the road backwards compared to most sportscars.


        This handling anamoly was eventually tamed in the late 80s.  The earlier ones are definitely cars that require a deft hand and foot.

         Well, I can't even drive a manual. Too much thinking and I can be a timid driver. I'm basing this purely on looks.

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          I'm driving mine.  Mustang GT, CS, manual transmission.  Nice ride.  Cool


            How are you planning to get Richard Hammond to give up Oliver ?


            I've spent how long trying to come up with a joke about Hammond being short to answer this? At this point I'll give up and take it as a FAIL and move on Sad

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                speaking of opals, I used to really like those old Opal GTs from late 60s early 70s.  Anybody remember them?  not my dream car by any means but just like the looks of them.  in HS I drove a forest green 66 Buick Skylark GS convertable with a Wildcat 445 motor.  dad bought it & it broke down on a trip to Reno.  they repaired it & handed it down to me.  I was fortunate to survive my hs days because of that car & other reasons. seriously.  Before that we had a giant white Buick Wildcat with an even bigger motor. That was the car I learned to drive in.   Although neither would be my "dream car" wouldnt mind having either of them again.


                You sound Like my Father.....He had all 3 of those cars. 


                Me as a lil' Tyke with the Opal in the background





                  I take it all back. My dream dream dream car that I could never ever afford in a million years is a Telsa Model X with Falcon doors. Amazing.



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                        I too am driving my dream car of a Benz. (Below pic is not my car, but exactly same),   Got it in 2009 fully loaded, '09 C-300.  It was the 'dealer' loaner car so it had 8,000 miles on it.  Got it for just under 30K vice the sticker of 39,000.  Paid it off, dream car is now reality car.  -----   I'd rather have an "E" Class... but... I refuse to "dream" about anything I can't afford.  E-classes and up are more $$$ than I ever want to spend. :-)



                        If I ever end up on a really tight budget again, I'll likely be just as happy driving an old rusted out 1973 VW Superbeetle.


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                              I'm not really a car guy, but I've always wanted an Aston Martin.


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