What is your FAVORITE half marathon? (Read 1653 times)


    My favorite (of 5) is the Monson Memorial Classic in Monson, MA.  A fun course with lots of uphill in the first half, but lots of downhill in the second half for a nice negative split.  It's all on paved roads, partly through a heavily wooded park, and partly in the small town of Monson.  There was a short section in the second half on a two-lane road with cars zipping by a little close for comfort, but overall I loved the course.  There were less than 300 people the year I ran, but that included a couple of Kenyans, and the course record is 1:07-something.  

    MattC - Saratoga Springs, NY

    10/13 - Green Mountain Half Marathon

    10/20 - Wandering Witch 10K

    11/2 - Mendon Ponds 20K

    12/8 - Pine Mountain 40-mile


      Endless trails

        I'm surprised to see so many East-Coaster here. I was born in New Bedford but managed to escape

        when I was 15, I'm very familiar with that final hill of the HM.


        My favorite HM was Big Tree's Trail Half in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA. 2700' of elevation gain

        on gnarly singletrack, what a great challenge, my slowest HM ever. 


          So far mine is the Heart & Sole 1/2 in Boulder, CO. Beautiful course, a bit hilly, but not horrible. Great support, after race goodies, and the race swag is amazing.

          PR's: 5k - 23:33/ 10k - 48:30/ 5 mi. - 39:21/ 13.1 - 1:53/ 26.2 recent - 4:34


          Upcoming races: Resolution Run HM 1/1/13

                                      Phoenix R&R    HM 1/20/13

          Canadian princess

            I am just taking notes. I have Vermont and Applefest on my mind. Milktruck ran Applefest, I think. New Bedford is going on the list.

              Depends on what you are looking for...  Mega crowds and fan support, or a more solitary race...  


              Personally my 2 favorites so far are a couple local races, Shamrock Marathon/Half, and R-N-R Virginia Beach Half Marathon.  


              If you are in it for swag, both races have great stuff as far as medals and the shirts and such.

              If you are in it for crowd support, both of these races have great crowd support.  (Folks setting up beer, or free lei's, or sprinklers at their houses along the route!) 

              If you are in it for location, finishing on the Oceanfront is nice, especially fora  flatlander.

              If you are in it to get a PR, The Virginia Beach courses are almost perfectly flat, allowing for max effort to forward motion with no up motion.

              If you are in it for good weather, usually pans out well in VB in March (temps in the 50's) and September (60's most years)

              If you are in it for Music afterwards, Shamrock has a good band that plays, and R-n-R finished 2012 race with "Train" that night.

              If you are in it for the Beer, well, Shamrock has you covered (Yuengling times 4 to all racers) Big grin , but R-N-R has Michelob Ultra, so... Yeah... Joking 


              ---But I  may be partial because I live here.  Still these are 2 rock-solid races. 

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              Not That Douchey

                Scenic and fast courses are my main criteria- The RnR Philly (Sept) is my favorite half.

                the course is super flat, winds thru the historic sections of the city- then takes you on up and back along the Schuykill River, with a finish in front of the Art Museum.



                  Running is stupid

                  Crazy Justin

                    Half marathon veteran here with 17 done.  I am part of the Half 2 Run with a goal of 25 states.

                    I have 3 favorites:

                    1. 3M Austin- PR course

                    2. Mercedes Birmingham- best swag and organization, iconic medal

                    3. Memphis St. Jude- best cause, great after party.

                    Mile: 5:18,   5K: 19:09,  10K: 39:44,  Half: 1:28:12,  Full: 3:21:56

                    Post-35 PRs:

                    Mile: 6:02,  5K: 21:14, 10K: 45:40, Half: 1:42:24






                      Chambersburg Half Marathon




                      it was my first and local race for me as I live 2m from the start and run on course a lot especially when i am training for the race like right now.

                      PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


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                        Asheville NC 1/2. Very hard course so no PRs here. After you climb town mt, you still have a long way to go.


                          The Missoula Half Marathon.  A cannon & fireworks at the start line, gorgeous natural landscape, friendly crowds cheering runners on, and a great food tent stocked with natural foods at the finish line.


                          Here is a virtual tour of the course.


                          Letting off steam

                            The Missoula Half Marathon.  A cannon & fireworks at the start line, gorgeous natural landscape, friendly crowds cheering runners on, and a great food tent stocked with natural foods at the finish line.


                            Here is a virtual tour of the course.


                            +1 on that.

                            July temps are usually in low 50's at the start & very low humidity.
                            Fast course, 1st 3 miles downhill then flat.  Very well organized.  + when you finish... you're in Missoula!

                            Y'know, there might be a few good craft beers there.Big grin



                            rebuilding r2th v2.0

                              As a Missoula marathon runner, I have to disagree. Missoula half-marathon sucks - it is a plague for anyone who runs the marathon around 2:50-3:20 pace, clogging the course with slow half-marathoners....Angry