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    I broke my right ring finger a month and a half ago playing softball.  Line drive hit the finger dead on ripping the entire nail out, breaking the bone in the tip, and requiring stitches to reconstruct the nail bed.  Orthopaedic doctor took xrays at one week and said all looked good at that point.  No xrays for three weeks.  In the meantime stitches came out and I was taking the splint off everyday for several hours to soak the nail bed and air it out.  Also, trying to bend the finger.  I always noticed swelling way down on the base and that I could never bend my finger too far.  The doctor's PA never really looked worried and figured it would go down in time.  Anyway, at the one month mark they took xrays and realized the middle joint in the finger was dislocated.  They tried to reset it in the office with no luck.  So, I had surgery and they cleaned out some tissue and set it with a pin. 


    Anyway, I will be getting the pin removed in a few weeks and was wondering how bad it was going to hurt.  It looks bigger than I expected and he has a good amount outside the skin.  I just can't imagine that it won't be painful.  Anyone with experience in having this done?

    Listen. Yeah, it's gonna hurt some. That's the marathon business.

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      I'm guessing it's a K wire.  In my limited experience, it really depends.  Some folks seem nonplussed as the wires are removed from fingers/toes, others are quite dramatic.  A somewhat tough 4.5-year-old I know with three in his elbow cried a little when they were twisted and pulled out.

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        You wont feel a thing beyond some slight tingling and itching at the skin surface -- like when you get a bug bite.  At least, that's been my experience -- I've had pinned metatarsals (spelling?  the bones in hand, from your knuckle back to wrist) where the pins were about 3 - 4 inches long and when down the center of the bones to align multiple fractures.  They just pulled them straight out with pliers, no meds.

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