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    What's best, to stretch before you go on your run, or after your run?  As far as strength training, how often should it be done?  Thanks for your advice.

      Do static stretching after your run. Before your run do dynamic movements and an active warm up. Dynamic moves are putting muscles through a full range of motion which includes a short stretch during the movement. Google Dynamic warm up for running. As far as strength training, even 2 work outs per week can have value focusing on compound movements and core work to stay healthy and stronger for running. Again, You Tube is excellent resource for running related resistance exercises. I have found, the older you get, the more you need it.

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        Exact same answer as above for strength training regards to stretching. Do joint mobility warm up, but do not do static stretching prior to strength training, it weakens the muscles in the new (stretched) ROM.


        When you do strength train, actually strength train!  Heavy resistance for lower reps, not light weights for high reps.  Rep ranges of 1-5 would be for more pure strength, 6-12 strength and mass.  Beyond 15, just muscle endurance...but that is what running is already.

          I echo the others.  The Run Experience folks have tons of videos on youtube for strength training, etc., for runners.  They are an invaluable resource to me.

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            Thanks everyone.


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              2 full body workouts a week is enough. Look at lifting as something to improve your overall health not just your running.

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