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    First of all...let me just testify to how awesome this site is and how much I have learned from everyone here. I think just being reminded that there are other people lacing up, girding their loins, and hitting the road daily is very encouraging....I am not alone. Thanks! I must preface my question with stating I am not a momma's boy. But, something she said recently has me disturbed and I am taking it to my fellow runners for your wisdom. When I was 11, I was really into the whole equestrian thing. One Saturday she told me not to go, that I would get hurt...she just knew. I did not listen. And, I was thrown for the first time and almost seriously injured had I not fallen right. As it was, my body was sore for a good while after. And, she lovingly said, "I told you so." So, I am in the midst of training for the Charlotte Marathon (my first) on Dec. 9th. I am doing this while dealing with a move from Tampa, Florida to Greenville, North Carolina and the start of a new job. So, here I am in Greenville without a running partner still trying to find good, safe places to run. I had a place called Bayshore to run on in Tampa...oh, how spoiled I was... But, my mom called me cause she is getting the same vibe about my running that she had with the horses and really wants me to find someone to run with and has encouraged me to be careful when I run...change my times, routes, etc...sort of go into the witness protection program for runners... :-) Now Greenville has some rougher parts that I do not go near. Plus, there are few roads with good shoulders to run on ... so, cars are a constant threat. Plus, in my line of work, I am often the guy that students blame when their choices get them kicked out of the residence halls, kicked out of school, or put in jail. So far three of my residents have been arrested this year and a number are one choice away from being suspended. So, I could see where they may confuse their mistakes with my authority. But, to try to harm me? I just don't know... So, what do you all think? I do not want her fears, vibes to hinder my training...it is already hard enough at the moment...but, I do respect her and want to be as safe as I can. If anyone knows chill people in Greenville that run 9:30 - 10:30 minute mile pace...please let me know. I had a running partner for awhile, but he is a 7-8 minute mile runner and is trying to qualify for Boston...we were not a running match. Well, there you have it... what can I do to be safer? I welcome your thoughts... So. let the counseling begin! Cheers all!!!
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      Hi, Norm. Welcome! That's gonna have to be up to you, but here's my $0.02. Horseback riding is an unpredictable sport. It's possible your mom had a premonition. It's also possible that her warning lodged into your subconscious and caused you to get thrown. Impossible to tell. Has she been right about a lot of other things like that? One event doesn't make a very solid track record. From your narrative and picture it sounds like you're in security somehow over at your school. That by itself does make you a bit of a target. Even without your mom's warning I'd think you would want to be careful. Got a treadmill somewhere that you could use while you're figuring this out? That might be a good first step, since the previous warning you had was for an immediate event. Then, maybe you should find a running club. Surely Greenville has one... Runnig clubs have their own benefits besides safety-in-numbers. Smile Also remember, you don't have to live in fear in order to live safely. Being intentionally unpredictable in your running's a good safetly habit to be in. It's often recommended for women. That and "don't run alone." And don't forget to thank your mom for telling you. Regardless if she's right or wrong, you're always exposing yourself to the possibility of ridicule and rejection when you tell people you've just "got a feeling." Her telling you was an act of caring.

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        Hi Wingz! Thanks for writing! I just started a running group on Facebook to see if I can't get some local peeps to run with. Hopefully this will help! (3 of my college friends have already joined...this is good!) There is a local group that I heard about...but, they have not replied to my emails. I will try again. As to my mom, she has been pretty well on with her inklings about me throughout my life. I traveled the world for four years on cruise ships and she would call or pray at certain times and then later we would trade stories and realize that I was in danger or at a tough spot. That is why I am taking her seriously. But, you are right...I can't live in fear...we should not be afraid. Just open to how I can be smarter or more prepared. Cheers all and keep running! Norm
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