Browsing to a group's URL when not authenticated prompts you to join the group, even when already a member (Read 331 times)


    Browsing to the URL of group when not authenticated directs you to the "join" page for the group after successful  authentication, regardless of if you've already joined the group or not.


    To replicate:


    - Ensure you're not logged in

    - Point your browser directly at the URL of a group (ie. http://www.runningahead.com/groups/<mygroup>/

    - Login


    Note that the group in question here requires a passwd to join - I do not know if the scope of the issue also includes groups that do not.


    Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.



    Lazy idiot

      Interesting.  I didn't quite understand what you were saying at first, but I followed your steps in a password protected group I'm in, and the results you describe were the same for me.


      I did try this for a fully public group, and everything worked fine.

      Tick tock

      A Saucy Wench

        well by golly it does.



        which gave me panic for awhile as I dont think I actually remember the password.


        but if you log back out and go to the home page to log back in then your groups are all fine and I didnt have to remember my password afterall.

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