Treadmill help (Read 43 times)


    I am in desperate need of assistance as my NordicTrack A2350 hasn't been working as it should. I bought it from Kijiji around a week or so ago and it smells like it has a burning smell (I noticed immediately that the old owners smoked around it, but the smell hasn't gone away) and the belt would randomly stop. I can't trust it to even walk on! The belt also gets very hot despite me recently lubricating it. I really am trying to get into shape and spent around 500$ and apparently it costs money even for the company to help me online and an egregious 250$ for them to come and look at it! What do I do here? Do I just throw it away?


      Main reason I have never bought one and instead prefer use ones provided by my health club, they are expensive and expensive to repair. For only $10 month get all treadmills I could want and my fitness center is open 24hours and 5 minutes from house.


      ...I would see cost of repairing...if too much...get rid if it.