Just tried - and failed - to give you money. (Read 202 times)


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    Figured it's about time I started kicking in for a subscription to this place.  I like what you do here.


    Entered in all my info, clicked "next" (or "continue," don't remember), and it told me I had the wrong address.  Tried changing to "County Road" instead of "CR" (which I've never had to do before, but oh well), and it says the same thing...a red box at the top with an exclamation point, and the words "Wrong address!"


    What's up?  Is my money no good here?  I assure you, I do know my address! lol


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      Hmmm, I just tried and it was happy taking my money! (I'm up for renewing this month)

      I don't have CR in my address though, so it's probably some unique issue with yours.

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        County road addresses do this here and there.  Try putting a source between the house number and direction.

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          Hi mab411,

          Sorry for the late reply.  I am in the midst of a cross country move and didn't have much time to do anything else.  The credit card processor is rejecting your purchase because of an address mismatch.  I trust that you entered the address correctly but I don't know what I can do on my end.


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            You can try going to this USPS web page and enter your address and it will give you the standardized version of your address.




            Maybe that will give you a format that the CC processor will match.

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              Thanks WhoDat, I had not seen that site before.


              I like to give $$$ to Eric as well for his SUPERB site and running graphs.   Money I am fine with, I am just glad I don't have to help Eric pack and load the moving truck.  I am so tired of helping folks move!  Approve


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