Calendar on Edit Run page (Read 939 times)


    When clicking on the calendar icon to choose a date, it shows July 2105. Not worth it to scroll all the way back to 2005 Tongue Also, I seem to not be able to enter a new run. I click new run, fill out the info, and then click save. But, it just shows me the Edit Run screen again, and when I check the calendar and summary pages, the info isn't there... I am going to try again from scratch.

      Well, I figured out the second problem. I entered a race, and put the group age limits and my placement, but not the total size (don't know that yet). So, it put a star there asking me to fill it out, but the placement section was minimized and I didn't see it. Maybe that's something to look into.
        Erunama, First off, welcome! Maybe you could be my beta tester since you seem to be good at it Wink I apologize for the misbehavings of date picker. We had problems with it before. I'll try one more thing before throwing in the towel and always use the current date. As for the your second problem, I knew about that but never have time to fix it. The run entry page has become a behemoth as more data fields get added on. I'll fix the error message display so it's more visible, which should alleviate the problem. I'm also considering creating a basic page for people that don't use the nitty-gritty fields. eric Smile