At Last - sub 50 min 10k (Read 4410 times)

My legs are killing me

    That is an awesome job! That was definately not an easy thing to accomplish in such a short time. You are a success story on how to turn you life around. Way to go!

    You'll ruin your knees!

      Nev, Congrats on your accomplishments! Your change in lifestyle is to be applauded, particularly when you consider that cutie-pie in your avatar (no, not you...the little girl Wink)! Keep it up, man! Looking forward to hearing more great things from your side of the pond, Lynn B

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        That is an awesome job! That was definately not an easy thing to accomplish in such a short time. You are a success story on how to turn you life around. Way to go!
        I love your Avatar...."Charlie don't surf!"
        all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be

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        My legs are killing me

          I love your Avatar...."Charlie don't surf!"
          Thanks! He is probably my favorite character of all time. "Big Duke Six"
            That's terrific, Nev! Isn't it great to get that feeling when you reach a milestone? I know what you mean about the wider world having no scale of reference to judge your achievement by; if I told my wife I finished a 10k in 30 minutes or 50 minutes or 70 minutes the reaction would be the same, "That's nice, dear!". That's why you need us, we understand! Simon.

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              Way to go Nev! I cracked 50 at a 10k race this morning (49:27). For us non-racers, its a great milestone. Now lets shoot for 44:59. Big grin

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                Thank you all again I just knew that you lot would understand what a buz you get when you reach a mile stone. My next milestone is fast approaching - I am due to run the silverstone half marathon on Sunday (9th March). Should be good fun if the weather is ok. I must admit that although I have nealy run a half in training several times I am a little scared. I dont know what of , probably starting too fast and falling apart towards the end !! I will finish in under 2 hours if it kills me but I would dearly love to finish under 1hr 50. Anyway that is enough about me - lets hear some of your achievements who else has done something that makes them smile non stop all day ? Stay safe Nev

                Rim Rock Dad

                  Congratulations, Nev! Right now, I'm sitting at 54 for a 10 k. I can't wait to be in the big leagues with guys like you.
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                    Nev - you should break 2 hours easypeasy on that HM. Big grin No kidding about non runners not understanding. My friends didnt understand why I needed to RECOVER from my marathon last year...after all I had trained for it.

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                      Ennay, I am glad to be able to report that you were correct I ran 1hr 50min 10 sec. It was the hardest run I have had so far and I now have even more admiration for those who have completed a full marathon. I am sure the course markers were wrong as the milefrom 11 to 12 felt like at least 2 miles !! Thanks to all of you for your support. Enjoy your running Nev