What treadmill would you buy with this budget? (Read 1028 times)


    1000.00-2000.00 (ok, 1500.00 probably Confused) I am tall, so I want it to have the longest running area possible. I also have to have 15% incline at least (looked at some that only go to 12%) I don't need a lot of 'crap' on it. I already have a HR monitor, for instance. I can also plug in my own fan in the basement. Wink I want seriously dependable and seriously durable....can I even get that for this price range? I don't want it to feel 'flimsy', KWIM? There is a foot of snow out my front door right now so I need to get this thing bought ASAP.
      The main reason I still don't own a treadmill is that for that price range it just isn't worth buying one. At some point I will buy a Landice L7. Until then, a foot of snow beats the alternative.

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        We bought a NordicTrack one about seven (sheesh...that long ago) years ago and it's always been fine. It's a middle priced one and I think that we paid about 1000.00 and got it a Sears. Nothing too fancy, but it's held up and works fine when I can't get outside. Although, I try my best NOT to use it as it's a drag and BORING. Good luck!
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          We bought ours on Craig's list for $700! Do your research (to make sure you're buying a good one.. since you won't probably get a warranty) and this might be a good option? Ours wasn't top of the line, no doubt (no bells and whistles), but it's solid and reliable (doesn't wiggle at all, which is the important thing to me also). In it's previous life, it was used by walkers in a retirement home (it looked basically un-used when we got it). Big grin
            Do you realize how many great pairs of shoes, not to mention other assorted types of running clothes, gadgets, and goodies, you could buy with that $1,500 ... if you just skipped the treadmill? Just sayin'. Just got back from a 7-mile run in the pouring rain, and wondering again why anyone would choose a treadmill over that kind of life-affirming experience. (And yes, Jeff, if you're reading this, I just channeled my inner hippie. Look what you've done to me.)
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              (And yes, Jeff, if you're reading this, I just channeled my inner hippie. Look what you've done to me.)
              Don't blame it on me. I always suspected that underneath that meathead exterior was a genuine mystic. It's a short, slippery slope from life affirming runs in the rain to dropping acid and voting for Nader. The meathead in me came out in another forum. It's Tom Brady that does it to me. $%^#&* Patriots. And, yes, treadmills are instruments of the devil. But such is the nature of addiction--sometimes you gotta make peace with the devil to feed the jones. Evil grin Oh, and you should probably ask Sabershooter his opinion on treadmills. I heard he's spent some time on one.

                I feel compelled to defend my desire to purchase a treadmill now. Smile I am a new mom trying to get back into marathon shape w/o leaving the little guy w/someone else while I get my mileage in. Once the snow clears and he is big enough to hold his head up, we're out the door w/the jogging stroller. thanks for the input, and keep the suggestions coming.

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                  Sigh - Lisa welcome to a club with boys! Interestingly I thought that men usually had an addcition for gadgets that go beep and that burn a hole in the pocket. Or is that just my man. You get that treadmill - run like the wind and then go pass their puritan arses on race day! Claire xxx PS - let me know if Cyndi has a twinge.
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                    This week I wish I had a TM...hubby has been gone down by his mom for a few days (he's bringing her 4WD minivan from IL to MI to sell it), so I can't get out for a run with no one to watch my kid (at almost 6 he is too big for a jogging stroller). And the next few days are going to be REALLY cold and nasty...Winter has returned to MI (complete with some snow...I'm a bit gun-shy, as I am finally mostly rid of the lower leg pains that appeared after running in snow in Dec.). I'd be able to log more miles during weeks like this if I had a TM. I think that Craig's List suggestion is a great one...or maybe a local eBay auction for pick up. We have a chain near us that also sells gently used sporting goods, though they tend to mark-up stuff quite a bit. You'd probably get a better deal from a private vendor. Check out clearance sales, too. This time of year I'll bet a lot of stores are getting rid of things like treadmills to make room for warm weather equipment like kayaks (since Jan. is pretty much the start of the Spring/Summer season in retail). k

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                      Yes, we had to get our TM because of the kids. It's too hard to get them up in the AM early when they were little and now they're too big for a stroller. I can usually get them to go on their bikes now, but the TM was the answer for most of the conflicts. I guess that Moms have different reasons for the TM than the fellas. Big grin Good luck, J Regardless of the weather, there are times that I just have to be close to home and the TM serves it's purpose. Not my favorite, but next to not running it's a good alternative.
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                        Just got back from a 7-mile run in the pouring rain,
                        Rain... no problem. But wind and sleet at 0˚ F? It's kind of like tequila shots... I can do it, but why should I? Dead Luckily, we've had a real "runner's winter" so far in Chicago.. very few days of extreme cold and wind.

                          craigslist isn't very helpful b/c i live in God's Country....aka BFE. It is a shame b/c I love poking around on there. But I definitely have been checking sales/"New Year's Resolution" promotions.....my husband is researching for me b/c he is good at that crap...I tend to be the type to just go plunk down the $ and think about it later. I'd have already bought a NordicTrack but for the fact that they only go up to 12% incline (the ones I saw anyway) and when my prematurely aged knees ail me I like to 'hike' on the TM rather than run to change it up. Sigh. zoom zoom -- exactly. kids and weather (some weather) make a TM a necessity for me right now. I've busted my tail too many times on a slick spot I didn't see, even if it weren't for the little guy. I'd rather avoid the injury and run another day even if it means a TM run. Claire -- it is a bit odd posting with BOYS. Shocked (Men? Persons of the male persuasion....) Oh and I will be your 'spy' re: Cyndi.....it is refreshing to discuss miles rather than centimeters....although oddly, still talking about pounds.

                            Hi OverAnalyzer, I have run a lot on a treadmill this winter. I think they are a great running tool , a great excuse breaker, and a practical choice for your situation. I run almost exclusively on a Precor c964i at the gym. I think this is referrd to as a "commercial" model. It is rock solid to run on. It does +15/-3% incline. Has good displays. I have never seen it broken down. I am not sure if they still make this model, but a quick search on the web shows that you can get a refurbished one for $1200: Precor C964i. Whatever you buy, I would recommend you trying it out first.

                              We have a LifeFitness treadmill. Smile

                                1000.00-2000.00 (ok, 1500.00 probably Confused)
                                GB pounds ... Euros ... US Dollars...... Canadian dollars ... Rupees?!! This is an international site y'know !!! Wink