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    Anyone from the Palm Springs / Palm Desert, CA area? I will be there for 10 days over the holidays and would love to find some fun runs on road or trail. I've looked at strava segments which is somewhat helpful, but would love some other input. We are staying in the Rancho Mirage area.


    I also may run the Citrus Heritage Half Marathon on Jan 5 while out there. Anyone have experience with that race?

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      I also tried to find some routes there. We stayed downtown Palm Springs last winter, and I ended up just running down South Palm Canyon and into the neighborhoods along the way and back.  There are some great trails on the hills above town if you want some steep and scenic trail runs. There is a great running store in the strip mall at Camino Parocela/S. Palm Canyon. They can probably give you a few routes.

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        The Run Spots feature here on RA is a godsend for anyone who wants to run while traveling.





          Dave: I was having trouble with the run spots feature prior to this post, but will try again. It kept giving me an error message when I put in the location for search. I'll try again.


          Thanks, Bill

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          Spencer Davis

            Skyline Trail!