Anyone tried the NB1223 yet? (Read 960 times)

    I will be due for a new pair of shoes by EOY and wondering if anyone's tried these out yet? I graduated from the NB1221 up to 1222, which is my current shoe. I suppose I should go to the store and try them on; just wondering about any consumer feedback. Smile They will most likely be on my list to Santa this year though.
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      I have been running in the Brooks Beast, but decided I would switch over to less controlling stability shoe so I bought a pair of NB1223's a few weeks ago. So far, I have only run in them twice (been seriously fatigued lately) which means I can't really give a good assessment just yet. Only pain I remember feeling after running in these shoes was some soreness in my arches. In trying several pairs of shoes (stability and motion control), I found the NB1223 to be the 3rd most comfortable overall (Saucony Grids and another NB motion control shoe actually felt better). The NB1223 toe box was larger than most of the other brands (like Asics and their Kayano 13's). The NB1223 broke the record for the amount of money I've spent on shoes... Surprised however this record was broken by me the following week when I got some dress/causal shoes! Surprised I have spent more on belts than on shoes in the past... that's crazy.


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        I've read rave reviews about these. I used to need the stability of the 1222 and really liked that shoe. So far everyone seems to be saying that the 1223 is even better than the 1222. I don't think I've read any negatives, which seems almost unheard of when a replacement model comes out. k

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