Garmin x20 support? (Read 94 times)

    Hi Eric,


    Any thoughts on whether / how RA will support the sync over wi-fi with the new Garmin forerunner watches (eg 620)?  I'm sure we can workaround with USB and with export from the garmin site, just curious if there is also a more elegant solution possible.


    (Storing the data anywhere other than RA is a non-starter! Cool)




      I don't have any experience with 620 so I don't know what is involved (Garmin software-wise) for the data to get to Garmin Connect.  If I have to guess, the Ant Agent might be involved.  Regardless, the support has to come from Garmin.  RA simply asks the Garmin Communicator plugin for new workouts.  It is possible that Garmin adds support to GC first, and then to third party software with a later update.  This was the case with FIT file support.


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        Great, thanks...I guess we'll have to see.  I tend not to be an early adopter, but I need a new watch anyhow.


        DC rainmaker had some insight into the process, but I have to say it didnt make total sense to me (something seems to be missing):


        Next we’ve got the addition of WiFi to the FR620.  The WiFi connection is initially setup via a new application called “Garmin Express Fit”, which you install on your Mac/PC to setup your WiFi networks.  This software is really more of a one-time thing than an ongoing software that you’ll use.  You can pair to more than one wireless network – allowing you to (for example), add your home and work WiFi networks.

        After configuring your WiFi network the FR620 will utilize that for not only publishing completed activities to Garmin Connect, but also grabbing new firmware updates.



        He then goes on to say that Ant+ is gone, but does not indicate how the USB transfer process works.

          From his description, it looks like Garmin Express Fit is replacing the Ant Agent.  This could be a problem for third parties like RA.  I can certainly create my own version of this Garmin Express Fit, but I would need to know the specifications in order to talk to the GPS.  Garmin can make the Communictor plugin talk to Garmin Express Fit, in which case, RA will continue to be able to import your data.  There's a chance that Garmin wants to build its own GPS garden like Nike and Timex, in which case, RA will be out of luck.


          MTA: it looks like you can continue to connect the GPS to your computer via USB, which would allow you to upload your workouts to RA.

            Hi Eric,


            Is it possible to have a script here where you can enter Garmin Connect login details and RA can automatically pull in workouts data from Garmin connect? Is it the same thing as writing a script that does the earlier things mentioned on this thread (assuming Garmin dont release a bridge between Express fit and Communicator plugin anytime soon?



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