Topo Maps and USGS Maps not visible (Read 292 times)




    I'm not seeing anything when I select to view my course over a TOPO map or over a USGS.  I can see all the others.  I've tried on Firefox & IE. 


    Is this a work in progress tied in with the server change?  I was able to view them in January.




      I usually use just 'map' and 'satellite', but when I just tried I could view my courses in every way, except indeed for Topo and USGS.

      But since I'm outside the US, it's not unusual that I can't see USGS, and maybe TOPO is also US-related? (which doesn't explain why you can't see it, except if you happen to be behind a computer outside the US?)

      Running in Belgium





        Nope.  I'm inside the US.   Strange.

          Both the topo and USGS satellite maps are provided by USGS.  It's possible that USGS no longer support them.  I'll have to look into why it stopped working, but it is not related to the latest changes.


            Thanks a million!